Aerosoft A330X – First Pre-Alpha Version Given to Testers – New Screenshot


Mathijs has just stated that he has given the first pre-alpha version to a very few select group of testers to “tear” the plane apart. This is extremely promising news, and indicates things are developing very smoothly.

Alongside this, you can see the new screenshot given above, detailing information about the reworked APU the team have modeled for the new A330 series.

 For example the APU implementation is now done. Compared to A320 e.g. APU start up is vastly improved: Timing, non linear RPM increase at startup, temps relative to current RPM, max temp limits changing during start up, EGT indication (before APU start) is no longer fix at 10°C but relative to outside temp, APU START button no longer a push button switch but a push button now (not remaining pushed in after being pressed), etc.

If we’re lucky, we may have a short video showcasing the A330 off to us tomorrow!

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