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Aerosoft A330 screenshots and pricing update?


It’s Friday! That means an A330 update from Aerosoft! This time we got two screenshots of the exterior taken from the front that show off the landing gear and the engines. Very nice to see as each update gets us more and more excited!


That is not all, however. Matthijs has given us a bit of an insight in the expected pricing for the A330. On the forums he is explaining what the estimated price will be ($50 excl. VAT) and talks a bit about the motivation behind this. Of course this price is not definite so it might still change. In his (Aerosofts) eyes, good quality addons should be affordable for everyone without having to pay premium prices. Perhaps Matthijs read our editorial on Add-on Pricing? Either way its good news for everyone, considering Aerosofts track-record with addons and updates.

For Matthijs’ full explanation you can head over to the forum here. For the weekly update you can head over to the forum here.

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