Aerosoft: “32-bit A330 Will Most Likely be Done”

Aerosoft A330

The release of the 64-bit platforms have caused Aerosoft a bit of a dilemma in regards to their Airbus series. The original aircraft were running in a 32-bit platform to great success, but when P3Dv4 came along, many fans were interested to know what would happen to their products for the new 64-bit simulators. We now know the story and the first of the A32X bundles has been released, with the A320/321 Professional series coming out soon. However, the big question lately is the fate of the A330 from Aerosoft.

Despite being announced years ago, the A330 from Aerosoft is still very much in development with no current release time frame. In the most recent update from Aerosoft, there appeared to be some doubt cast on whether the A330 would be released for 32-bit platforms. However, Mathijs from Aerosoft has confirmed it will “most likely” be done. However, a final decision won’t be made until after the 64-bit projects have been released.

That decision should take place early next year and will be based on how the 32-bit market is doing. However, if comments regarding the current strength of the market is to be believed, 32-bit simulators are being used less and less.

It was also mentioned that if a 32-bit version of the aircraft goes ahead, then certain features and assets will be dropped to make a more simplified version. This should be understood considering features such as TrueGlass has been designed and released only for a 64-bit platform.

We’ll continue to watch for any updates as development continues.

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This has to be a joke right? At this point the whole 330 is just a meme and now they keep making claims to a yet another version of a plane they cant get to market 3 years past its due date

Not a happy camper

I would rather they focus on actually completing the family (last time I checked, not all A330s had RR engines) than supporting a dead platform.

For all of those people who literally want the 32 bit market to die, please go away! You cannot give commands to a developer to not to release a 32-bit version of a product. And there is no decent A330 in the market, both 32 and 64 bit. Stop being so arrogant and selfish to those things which are “obsolete” for you. It’s up to the developer and you cannot intervene it. In a nutshell, it is none of your business.

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

they really need to just focus on getting a321/20 done and then focus on the a330 v4… been waiting for my a321 for months and months…

Not even a group.. the same people work on 100 projects at the same time. Their texture guy keeps getting pulled to do other things.

@Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming
Are you that the same group of people work on both planes?

I’m sure they are but were releasing a statement in regards to the A330.

It would irresponsible to label the 32 bit version of the 330 “Professional” without TrueGlass, the apex feature of flight simulation…

I was almost a happy customer with the old AIB series, but the “PROFESSIONAL” are a joke, seriously. They managed to make a more “advanced” airbus which is really bad.

So many self appointed experts on fselites and literally anyone sound like they know everything about customer market and has an in depth insight to how these companies should make their money. Im sure most devs are aware of the reduction of 32 bit platforms. However, Aerosoft got their sales numbers and definitely better customer insight, or at least they should. You guys got an opinion. And no matter how much you bitch and argue about it, you know you gonna buy that a330. Nuff said.

What Mathijs didn’t mention this time (but he mentioned that in an earlier post regarding 32-bit development) is that apparently, many professional simulators are still running on P3Dv3 or earlier. And that could be a very important argument for Aerosoft to still invest time in a 32-bit development of the A330: The operators of those professional simulators are very important customers for any developer who is able to sell his products to them. I bet that the licence fees are not bad at all for Aerosoft and Co.. In any case, I applaud their (almost-)decision, even if the 32-bit A330 might come too late for me since I intend to make the switch to P3Dv4 fairly soon.

I fully agree with what Alex said.

With due respect, I think you’re mixing failure to meet release dates with failure to be meet set expectations. From what I know about Aerosoft, they’re the most open developer there is, bent on being honest about what is happening behind the scenes. When a developer fails to deliver (Johanesburg, Tahiti) they are honest about it, when development is slow they’re also open about it, even humble about it. And they update frequently about project status when it’s inhouse development. Risking sounding like a fanboy (which I think i’m a bit too old to be) I have a good appreciation for the openness and frankness with which AS shares their development with the public and have come to trust their ability to deliver.

Not a happy camper

@Alex that’s true, but I’ve come to not trust anything Aerosoft says because how many times have they actually stuck to what they’ve initially said lately?

Well, if Mathijs said that a decision will be made only after the 64 bit version is released and even so depending on how the 32 bit sales stand at that time… one can safely conclude that the 64 330 won’t suffer if they develope a version for the 32bit market.

Not a happy camper

Because there’s no possible way any of us who comment have our own numbers, right? There’s a reason that about a dozen companies dropped 32-bit literally the day P3D v4 was released. It’s not just about sales; developing for two platforms essentially doubles the workload, so the end product suffers for both platforms.

So when all the preview pictures, stories, and threads have ran their course… this is where we turn now with AS.

As silly as the idea might seem, it’s important to read into this in the right context. It was a mention in a forum post…not a final decision!

It would seem to be a pretty pointless exersize making the A330 available for 32bit platforms and I can’t see it being viable. While I appreciate that either for preference or budget reasons, not everyone has gone 64bit, it’s not like the old FSX V FS9 days where products were kept deliberately simpler. I’m not an expert but I imagine that an awful lot of code would have to be changed to cater for a diminishing market. Besides, we’re a long way off seeing any A330 yet so by the time a 32bit version is available, most of us will be dead

Not a happy camper

@Iain but, the good news is the shift has already happened – just as the case when X-Plane switched from 32-bit to 64-bit and broke everything. Apart from a few aircraft like the Metroliner (Razbam is a developer I have very strong negative feelings about, so I’m not surprised. They essentially left their entire FSX customer base high and dry) most aircraft people care about have been ported to P3D v4, and those that used XML gauges were compatible from the start (thanks, RealAir!) Just as 99% of FSX stuff was compatible with P3D v2 and v3, I expect future versions of P3D to be evolutionary, so things should transition smoothly.

It is a diminishing market, but when you choose to go 64-bit only you’re committing to updating the addon whenever there’s a new P3D version available. There are a few addons (PMDG DC-6 for XP10, Razbam Metro for P3D) which became abandonware as the vast majority of people move on to newer versions (XP11, P3Dv4), and their customers were not very happy about it.

Having 32-bit FSX support means that the underlying code base won’t shift, so at least some people will be able to enjoy it fully in case Aerosoft drop support for P3Dv5 or v6. (or more likely, fall way behind on development for those platforms)