Aerosoft: “32-bit A330 Will Most Likely be Done”

Aerosoft A330

The release of the 64-bit platforms have caused Aerosoft a bit of a dilemma in regards to their Airbus series. The original aircraft were running in a 32-bit platform to great success, but when P3Dv4 came along, many fans were interested to know what would happen to their products for the new 64-bit simulators. We now know the story and the first of the A32X bundles has been released, with the A320/321 Professional series coming out soon. However, the big question lately is the fate of the A330 from Aerosoft.

Despite being announced years ago, the A330 from Aerosoft is still very much in development with no current release time frame. In the most recent update from Aerosoft, there appeared to be some doubt cast on whether the A330 would be released for 32-bit platforms. However, Mathijs from Aerosoft has confirmed it will “most likely” be done. However, a final decision won’t be made until after the 64-bit projects have been released.

That decision should take place early next year and will be based on how the 32-bit market is doing. However, if comments regarding the current strength of the market is to be believed, 32-bit simulators are being used less and less.

It was also mentioned that if a 32-bit version of the aircraft goes ahead, then certain features and assets will be dropped to make a more simplified version. This should be understood considering features such as TrueGlass has been designed and released only for a 64-bit platform.

We’ll continue to watch for any updates as development continues.

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