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Aeroplane Heaven Releases their Zlín Z50LS for P3D


Aeroplane Heaven has released as a Christmas treat their Zlín Z50LS aerobatics aircraft. The Zlín had been announced last July as being in early development. The Aeroplane Heaven Zlín ZL50LS features a highly accurate 3D model, with the engine fully modeled and accessible through animated maintenance panels. The model features PBR materials, which is particularly put forth in the various positions you might bring this iconic aerobatic aircraft into. 4 liveries are also included. Unfortunately, as it has become a habit at Aeroplane Heaven the paintkit will be released later.

The 3D cockpit was not forgotten either, with a highly accurate modeling and texturing. The flight dynamics and aircraft behavior were developed with the assistance of a real-world aerobatic champion, whose identity was not released to our knowledge.

The Zlín 50 is an iconing aerobactics aircraft designed during the 1976 specifically for aerobatics competitions with the highest profiles. This aircraft allowed the Czesh pilots and other nations to earn top rankings throughout the world aerobatics championships. Production ceased in 1995 but the aircraft remains popular. The Zlín 50LS variant chosen by Aeroplane Heaven is the one with the highest engine output at 300 hp.

You can purchase the Aeroplane Heaven Zlín 50LS on the Aeroplane Heaven website for $32.95.

Feature List

  • Highly detailed modeling
  • PBR materials
  • Realistic engine startup
  • Flight dynamics designed with a real-world aerobatics champion
  • 4 liveries
  • Stereo soundpack
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