Aeroplane Heaven Release their Stinson L-5 Sentinel for FSX and P3D

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Aeroplane Heaven has released their Stinson L-5 Sentinel for FSX and P3D.

The L-5 was developed during WWII for use as liaison, artillery spotting, photo-reconnaissance, as well as casualty evacuation. Typical of an aircraft from this time period, the L-5 is rugged and dependable with no attention to aesthetics or any unnecessary embellishments. The cockpit provides excellent visibility in all directions while foldable door-like windows give an unobstructed view of the area below. The L-5 has operated in almost every environment, from deserts, to jungles, to snow and ice; the L-5 has seen it all. In the present, the L-5 serves as an excellent glider tug, a superb. simple, rugged sports aircraft and is an inexpensive entry point to the world of warbirds for those looking to make their first purchase.

Aeroplane Heaven’s rendition comes with 7 liveries and has been designed per factory engineering drawings and is highly detailed down to individual rivets and fabric effects. It comes with a fully animated and realistic pilot and observer, as well as other unique animations including aileron droop, a removable engine cowling complete with a detailed model of a Lycoming engine, animated doors and Perspex windows. A detailed interior with all controls and fitting, weather covers and pre flights are also included. A full feature list can be found at the bottom of this article.

The L-5 is available from the Just Flight store and can be yours for a price of $24.99.


  • Built over the best plans available and from factory engineering drawings
  • Highly detailed down to individual rivets and fabric effects
  • Many unique animations including aileron droop
  • Fully animated, highly realistic pilot and observer
  • Removable engine cover reveals the detailed Lycoming engine
  • Animated doors and drop-down Perspex windows
  • Fully detailed interior visible with all controls and fittings
  • Weather covers and pre-flights included


  • Highly realistic rendition of a WWII period Stinson cockpit
  • Unique ‘shake’ on airframe at engine start and idle
  • Unique needle tremble on engine start and low speed idle
  • Realistic engine start procedure with prop stutter
  • ‘Cold and Dark start function using switch
  • Specially animated aileron droop function in combination with flaps
  • Wear and tear, dust and scratches throughout cockpit
  • Working rear observer’s controls
  • All wires and pulleys for control surfaces are animated
  • Full period radio suite
  • Animated doors and windows


  • Highly detailed High Definition texture set with weather and wear effects
  • Pro quality Paint Kit available to download here (216MB)


  • Authentic flight dynamics built using factory data and contemporary pilot records


The Stinson L-5 Sentinel is supplied in the following seven liveries:

  • ‘Dangerous Liaison’ – Serial No. 4268591
  • US Coast Guard  OY-1 – Serial No. 98168
  • US Marines VMO6 – Serial No. 03968 ‘WB’
  • Swiss Air Force  A-96 – this machine was force-landed near Porrentruy by its pilot, 2nd Lt Roy G. Abbot in late 1944 and was later repaired and used by the Swiss Air Force
  • US Army machine – Serial No. 42 98989. Stinson L-5s played a key role in the Normandy D-Day landings in 1944 and later. Black and white Invasion stripes were painted on all Allied aircraft so that ground forces would not confuse them with enemy aircraft.
  • KJ420 of the Malaya Command Flight, 1945 – the RAF South East Asia Command operated Stinsons during WWII.
  • The United States Air Force re-designated all of its L-5 Sentinels in 1962. The new designation was U-19A. This example, serial No. 4298633 is from that period.


  • An illustrated colour cockpit guide with flying notes is included.
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