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Aeroplane Heaven Fairchild C119F Flying Boxcar Announced

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A few days ago, Aeroplane Heaven announced on their Facebook page what their latest aircraft in development is; the Fairchild C119F Flying Boxcar!

The C119F was a military transport aircraft designed to carry cargo, personnel. as well as mechanized equipment post WWII. Production ceased in 1955, with more than 1,100 airframes having been built. It was its design consisting of a twin boom as well as its cargo hauling ability that earned it the nickname of the “Flying Boxcar”.

Included along with the announcement were a number of early preview renders, as well as a tidbit of information posted in the comments of the announcement. We have the renders posted below, with the bit of information below them.

In addition to the announcement and previews. we were also able to find a snippet of information posted by Aeroplane Heaven themselves in the comments. The information is that the jet engine pod option available on the aircraft is not planned at this point in time as flight dynamics would make it a headache to simulate properly.

When we have anymore information or previews, we’ll share!

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