AeroNavMap Released for X-Plane 11

IOS AeroNavMap For X Plane Preview

Fresh to the X-Plane market is AeroNavMap. AeroNavMap is an app for iOS that provides the user with aeronautical maps, charts, live data from X-Plane, and integration with PilotEdge. The goal of AeroNavMap is to be an affordable Electronic Flight Bag for users of X-Plane.

Users of AeroNavMap will have access to sectional VFR and IFR charts covering the United States that are updated with every nav cycle. AeroNavMap has a similar feel to the popular app Foreflight. 3D airspaces are included to give the user an easy to understand picture of the airspace around them. The use of 3D airspace can be especially useful when transiting through complex airspace like LAX or SFO. Crucial information such as the METAR, airport elevation, pattern altitude, and more is available at the press of a finger. Selecting an airport will bring up all of this data and more.

As mentioned earlier, PilotEdge has been integrated for seamless use. A live traffic radar is available to the user as well as all uncontrolled frequencies in the area. The user is also able to listen to PilotEdge live on the app for added situational awareness. With integration to X-Plane, the user can tap an airport, select the frequency desired, and send it to the aircraft’s radio. Anyone that begins transmitting on PilotEdge is also shown on the bottom left corner of the screen, this allows the user to see who is transmitting at any given time.

AeroNavMap can be downloaded from the App Store for no charge and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 12.4 or later is required .

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