Aerobask Epic Victory Update Coming

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Aerobask has brought to Facebook that an update was coming for their Epic Victory. The update will make the aircraft compatible with X-Plane 11.50+. It is a complete overhaul, with a new VR compatible 3D model, new sounds, a new flight model and a G1000 avionics suite.  The sounds will simulate a PW617F engine, while the real aircraft was equipped with a Williams FJ33. The update will be a paid update, with coupons given to customers. No release time frame was given , however Aerobask stated further in the comments of the Facebook post that their main priority at the moment was the release of their upcoming Falcon 8X.

You can get to the original Aerobask Epic Victory page here.

The Epic Victory was a 4-seats very light jet that first flew in 2007. After Epic aircraft went bankrupt in 2009, the development of the aircraft was stopped and never resumed.

Update changelog

  • Compatible with X-Plane 11.50
  • New 3D model
  • VR compatible
  • FMOD sounds (PW617F)
  • New G1000 avionics suite with custom EMS
  • Integrated GCU477 with 2D popup.
  • GFC700 autopilot


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