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Aerobask Diamond DA-62 Released For X-Plane


Aerobask has released their next product in an ever-growing lineup of quirky GA planes.

The Diamond DA-62 is a twin-engine, 5 to 7 seat light aircraft that was first produced in 2012. Based on the single-engine DA-50 fuselage, Diamond decided to bolt on two diesel engines to give us the DA-62.

The Aerobask rendition boasts a flight model by X-Aerodynamics, which is claimed to be closely matched to the real aircraft. Also like the real aircraft, the cockpit is based around a (Laminar developed) G1000 glass avionics suite, including some custom EIS and annunciators. It’s also modelled with a custom FADEC/ECU including test procedures – in doing so this allows the aircraft to simulate a highly accurate engine performance and fuel economy simulation, along with accurate auto-feather.
Also fully functional is the oxygen and pressurisation system, as well as the circuit breakers which are said to have configurable reliability. Pilots flying in virtual reality will also be pleased to find out that the cabin is VR-friendly.
Externally, the model is built with 4K textures and PBR. The windshield has rain and frost effects, plus reflections of the interior avionics.
Aerobask claims that the aircraft is highly optimised in order to deliver favourable performance. Based on their previous works, this should mean you’ll see high FPS performance a lot of the time in most circumstances.
For the audiophiles, the developer has included FMOD for an immersive sound experience while flying the DA-62.

This no-doubt excellent plane is now available for purchase from for a modest $34.95.

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