Advanced Flight Modeling Simualtion Releases G5 Avionics for X-Plane 11

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Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation has released the Garmin G5 PFD/HSI avionics addon for X-Plane 11. The Advanced Flight Modeling G5 is inspired by the Garmin G5 avionics package. The Garmin G5 is designed to replace traditional electromechanical instruments with a glass primary flight display and horizontal situation indicator. Garmin’s G5 has 2 pilot-selectable main page formats; a PFD and a directional gyro or a HSI page.

The Garmin G5 helps improve situational awareness and makes flight information easier to scan.  Visual queues along with data readouts that were once scattered about numerous instruments are now housed in one central location allowing the pilot to respond swiftly and intuitively to any inflight situation. Advanced Flight Modeling’s G5 can be ran with any aircraft in a “pop-out mode” and can be added to the 3D cockpit when the developer includes an option for it. The default Cessna 172 in X-Plane 11 is included with the G5 mod and is read to fly! If you own the RealSimGear G5 desktop hardware, Advanced Flight Modeling’s G5 can exclusively interface with it. The Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation Garmin G5 can be purchased from X-Aviation for $24.95.

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