Active Sky 16 and Active Sky Cloud Art – Hotfix 3 Released

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The team over at Hifi Simulations have released a new hotfix for AS16 + ASCA.

You can download it now from the HiFi website. There’s a full changelog after the jump.

Active Sky 2016 – Hotfix 3 Changelog

– Fixed persistence issue with Disable Haze Layer option (when checked, for P3D only)
– Fixed XGauge issue: Not powering up – when AS16 for FSX used with FSX:SE in some cases
– Fixed mis-rotated compass rose in map screen when using Track Up mode
– Fixed re-entrant trial message on shutdown in some cases
– Added more descriptive warning message when cloud density slider is not set to maximum, assisting user with locating settings area to make this change

Active Sky Cloud Art – Hotfix 3 Changelog

– Added 5 new natural/conservative sets (Instinctive1-5) with wx-influenced variations and forced these new natural/conservative sets to be used for all wx-influenced selections
– Changed default cloud resolution to 2048-32bit (vs 1024-DXT)
– Added version/build number next to ASCA logo on main screen
– Adjusted all sky textures for more dark appearance during evening hours at all latitudes
– Adjusted all sky textures for more shadow contrast and darkness and less brown/yellow hue in daytime ambient lighting
– Corrected wrong logging message of “installing cirrus textures” even when cirrus textures not enabled
– Adjusted ASCA shutdown warning message/processing (when AS16 and sim running) to automatically hide and continue shutdown of ASCA as soon as AS16 closes, preventing ASCA from blocking Windows shutdown
– Fixed issue in sky installation where a “.” character in the path name would cause erroneous parsing and failure of sky textures to install properly
– Fixed problem with certain duplicate or erroneous simulator entries and related installation issues in some cases when using dynamic themes with AS16

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