A_A Sceneries Releases Beijing International for FSX and P3D

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Developer A_A Sceneries has released Beijing Capital International Airport (ZBAA) for P3D and FSX.

Located approximately 32km northeast of Beijing’s city centre, the airport is the main international airport serving Beijing and the surrounding area. Since 2009 the airport has been the busiest airport in Asia, and second busiest in the world for passenger traffic. Terminal 3 is currently the world’s second-largest passenger terminal in the world, surpassed only by Dubai International’s Terminal 3.

The airport scenery supports both FSX and P3D, with dynamic lighting for P3D users coming in a later update. SODE jetways and SODE rain effects are included.

The scenery can be purchased on simMarket for $27.90 USD.


  • Support both FSX and P3D. For P3Dv4, you need to download new features such as Dynamic Light later
  • High detailed Terminal buildings with animated trains between the buildings of Terminal 3. Almost all the buildings in the airport and surrounding area are custom modeled, less autogen buildings were used. The frame rate is fully optimized
  • High detailed ground poly for parking and runway. The ground poly has a rain effect controlled by SODE. It will show up only when it is raining
  • Photoscenery cover the entire area of the airport with high detail. The photoscenery changes on the season. There is little snow in Beijing area, so there is no snow photoscenery in winter
  • Custom made trees and they change their color through seasons
  • Tunnels with the traffic around the Terminal 1 and 2. The taxiway is above the tunnels
  • Animated jetway control by SODE. Set your parking break for your aircraft and the gate will be selected automatically. Press tab-S and the SODE menu will come out let you control you jetway
  • Custom made taxiway signs, including runway guarding light
  • Realistic night lights
  • Custom-made Chinese brand 3D cars in the parking lot
  • Static Service vehicles. Moving vehicles are default since animation can hurt quite a lot of FPS
  • Animated windsock. The model changes with the wind speed and direction
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