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A2A Simulations Opens New Store And Site

A2A New Store And Site 01

A2A Simulations behind closed doors has been working on a new online store, as well as a new website for their current and future customers. Both of these enhancements have definitely brought the new store and site up to modern standards, however it does mean that current customers do need to do a couple of steps in order to move all of their orders across to the new store.

For your convenience, we have outlined these below:

Step 1 – Visit and create a new store account for yourself.

Step 2 – Fill out this form answering the questions to let A2A know your new account email + any and all emails associated with your old account or accounts on the old store.

Step 3 – If you need to access your old orders these are still available on your old account here;

Step 4 – Continue as normal. You can now use the new store for new purchases and you will receive an order email in due time once your orders are moved across from the old store.

If you have previously filled out the form without creating a new account, create a new account and then fill the form out.

For more information, check out the original A2A post here.


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