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A2a Simulations Accu Sim Aerostar 600

Aircraft developer A2A Simulations has already confirmed that they are working on Microsoft Flight Simulator content, which starts with the Aerostar 600. This is an aircraft close to the team at A2A Simulations as they already own and operate the particular type of aeroplane in the real-world.


In a brief update today from the team, a few new renders of the aircraft were shared along with some details about the future of Accu-Sim – the technology behind A2A Simulation products. Starting their post by saying that “2020 is shaping up to be a remarkable year for flight simmers” and that having multiple technologically advanced simulators is a great thing for the future.

Using the latest generation of Accu-Sim, the Aerostar 600 will be a truly dynamic and living machine. This new technology is being made for Prepar3D v4, v5 and also the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, A2A Simulations did say that because Accu-Sim v4 and the new sim are still in development, it’s too early to know how long it will take to complete the first project; which will be the Aerostar 600.


As for the future, A2A Simulations has said that they simply won’t be “porting” aircraft over. That’s not their style and as always, want to build quality aircraft that push their teams to the limits to create realistic aircraft. Over the past year, the team has been building and developing new technologies, which they intend to bring into their next-generation of products. Scott Gimple of A2A Simulations added the following:

“Double-blind tests have been conducted between pilots trained exclusively on the real aircraft compared to pilots trained mostly using Accu-Sim and the difference between these groups is indistinguishable. This is well beyond what the existing simulators we’ve tested are capable of. This is why we accepted the call from the US military. The need was just so obvious,”

Lewis Bloomfield from the team also added:

“A2A has always believed that when things are real, it’s easier. Just flying an Accu-Sim aircraft for fun turns you into a better pilot because you are experiencing many things indistinguishable from reality. Experiencing real physics and sound is so fun you don’t even realize you are learning.”

A2A Simulations are certainly excited about the new simulator and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table.

You can read all about other third-party developers working on products in our developer round-up.

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