A2A Looking to Bring Accu-Sim to X-Plane

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Although posted a week ago, this was missed by us and was brought to our attention by kind reader. Prepar3D / FSX users have had many years of flying GA and other aircraft using the A2A Accu-Sim engine. The custom built engine works with the SimConnect API to deliver results far beyond what the default sim can offer.

A question often asked to the team is “when will you bring Accu-Sim to X-Plane?” Well, Scott from the A2A team answered the question by saying “we do want to get Accu-Sim to any platform that accepts it.” Promising!

Scott went onto say that during FlightSimExpo, he spoke to Austin from Laminar Research about bringing in the Accu-Sim engine into X-Plane, to which Austin said “it is possible.” Scott continued by stating that a lot of the work has to go into how X-Plane and the engine will accept the code. Right now, it was designed and works well with the P3D/FSX environment, but Accu-Sim is being developed to be more modular and independent.

You can read Scott’s full statement via the A2A forums. We’ll continue to monitor how this goes, and maybe we’ll see some more positive news in the future.

Speaking of A2A, we’ll have a video review of their Accu-sim Bonanza V-Tail pretty soon.

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