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A2A Accu-sim Bonanza Released

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A2A has released their Accu-sim Bonanza for Prepar3D v4.

The Beechcraft Bonanza V-Tail is a single-engine, six-seater GA aircraft that first began production in 1947, and holds the record for the longest continually produced aircraft in history. In addition to the V-tail configuration, they were also built in the conventional tail config, with over 17,000 being produced.

A2A’s Accu-sim Bonanza features a number of innovative and immersive features, including;

  • Aircraft DNA technology, re-creating actual engine and airframe vibrations
  • New analog gauge physics, delivering a living cockpit unlike ever before
  • Immersive pre-flight inspection system designed by pilots while operating the actual Bonanza V-35B
  • Complete maintenance hangar internal systems and detailed engine tests including compression checks
  • Visual Real-Time Load Manager, with the ability to load fuel, people, and baggage in real-time
  • Ability to install a 285 Hp or 300 Hp Continental engine in the maintenance hangar
  • And much more

The aircraft is available with five flexible licensing options which are designed to abide by the Prepar3D EULA, but also offering bundled options for simmers wishing to use this aircraft in Flight Simulator X;

  • P3D v4 Academic – $49.99
  • Flight Simulator X – $49.99
  • P3D v4 Professional – $79.99
  • FSX/P3D v4 Academic Bundle – $69.99
  • FSX/P3D v4 Professional Bundle – $99.99

A2A’s Accu-sim line of aircraft are some of the best GA simulations available, and this one is likely to be no different.
To pick this one up, head to the A2A website where the aircraft it’s available for FSX and Prepar3D v4 (earlier versions not supported).

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