64Bit P3D “On The Horizon”


It’s been mentioned many times that Prepar3d will soon go 64bit. After all, this is the future for flight simulator.

PMDG’s Randazzo has mentioned it, Orbx have said it’ll happen soon and now Toposim are claiming it’s “on the horizon.”

Toposim have even began to detail their upgrade policy in light of their source of information, stating  customers will be entitled to a “FREE upgrade to the forthcoming 64-bit P3D and Dovetail Games Flight Simulator when they become available over the coming months“.

With the anniversary of P3Dv3 coming up soon and Dovetail’s flight school, we wouldn’t be surprised if things were going to hapen sooner than later.

We will keep you updated.


  • Anon

    28th July 2016

    Confirmed not official.

  • Dom

    22nd April 2017

    Article written in july 2016.

    April 2017 at the time I write this post, still nothing.

    What do you call “on the horizon” ?



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