29Palms and Captain7 Preview Nuremberg Airport With Official Trailer

After what has felt like forever, the teams at 29Palms and Captain7 are close to releasing their latest airport: Nuremberg. Today they revealed the official trailer. As you would expect from these two talented developers, there’s a load of features and techniques to help create a realistic and immersive airport for the community.

All seasons for the airport have been produced in highly detailed 20cm/pc imagery based on real world satellite imagery. The modelling has been created based on real world plans and geodata to provide the most up to date version of the airport possible. Furthermore, there has been plenty of additional details such as animated people in the airport, animated vehicles on the roads and apron, as well as plenty of static aircraft all scattered around. These elements can be controlled via the configuration tool.

The teams have also included plenty of features thanks to the power of SODE. This includes animated jetways, snow and rain layers (depending on the weather in the sim) and the use of dynamic lighting depending on visibility.

The scenery will be available on July 16th.

In partnership with our friends at AviationLads, we will be giving away some free copies of the airport. More details very soon!

Feature list:

  • Highly realistic rendition of Nuremberg Airport based on most recent geodata
  • 55km² satellite imagery coverage with resolution up to 20cm/px including all seasons
  • Highly detailed buildings with internal modelling of the terminal and Hangar 3
  • Detailed airport lighting including REILs, Running Rabbits and optional Dynamic Lighting
  • Many animated people on the apron, inside and around the terminal
  • Extensive vehicle animations on the apron and the vicinity of the airport
  • Animated tower radar and elevator – Static aircraft with proper liveries and registrations
  • Prepar3D v4 SDK conform export of all scenery elements using the latest techniques
  • Fully compatible with AI traffic Add-Ons, ORBX FTX Germany South, FTX Global, VECTOR and openLC Europe
  • Latest Scenery Configurator for optimal performance and automatic updates

Many SODE features such as:

  • Automatic season switching
  • Snow and rain layers
  • Animated windsocks indicate wind speed and direction
  • Open / Close FAI gateR
  • Runwaylights automatically switched on in low visibility
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What is your point? People like FlightSims for many different reasons. Some like Helicopters, others want to fly General Aviation and some like to simulate flying an Airliner. And for those people EDDN is an important airfield, at least if they are into simulating German OPs. The number of Virtual Airlines that try to replicate german OPs speak a very clear language, there are quite some people interested in this. So just let them enjoy this scenery, will you?

I belive that EDDN looks technically stunning. Wether you want to fly there is up to you. But its great to have such a high quality rendition of the airfield on hand.

Incredible scenery, cant wait for release!

Looking forward to 16 July! Even if it is nowhere to some of the community, the fact is, the developers decide which airports they would like to do. There are a number of reasons, home ground, personal interest, having regularly flown to and from there on holiday, who knows. The fact is, the German flight simulation market is large and the community has money to spend. I love the idea of regional airports and smaller locations, like many of the OrbX airports and airfields on offer. It would be a sad day if only the major hubs for the larger aircraft were to be developed. Not everyone likes flying 737s/747s/777s and A31/2x and so on. I particularly like flying single and twin-engined GA, and the odd Q400 type of operation…

Nuremberg might be considered as an exotic location to someone not from the area… I am majorly interested in the location, as it is only about one hour by car from here. Furthermore, I think the work by 29 Palms and Captain 7 is some of the best available to the community!

Thanks and all the best with the release next week. I can’t wait!


What is happening at 01:15 in the video? How come the landing and beacon lights are reflecting on the water? I never noticed this in P3d before.

Looks like FT’s EHAM

but i never understood the choice of location… is there really a market for middle of nowhere german fields because there’s plenty of them. they must sell… corfu is exotic.. this is an airport in the middle of a field. meaningless to just about anyone (heck i didnt know it existed until they started making it)

@FWAviation, please keep the politics million miles away from our sim world. It’s enough of this bullshit in all other places..

@lol: Wow, now I know how discussing with Donald Trump must feel like. I have no idea why you mention “Vidan doing the whole Denmark thing”, but I’m glad that you at least acknowledge that different simmers have different preferences and priorities. And your statement that Nuremberg is more irrelevant than Jacksonville and Palm Beach proves exactly that: It’s only your personal opinion. Thank God that “relevance” is not something you can personally judge upon.

LOL enlighten us… what kind of airports wouldn’t be odd for you?

Perhaps im biased as I have not flown to and within Germany since 1999 ish using eric’s 767 panel… so about that time sounds right

I just think for all the effort they could have picked a more universal location. but what do I know. as I already said 10 times at least, german stuff sells, as odd as it may be.

I absolutely disagree with @lol.

In my opinion it’s great that we have such of variety and German airports are quite busy so I’m not surprised. Nuremberg isn’t maybe a huge hub like Frankfurt, Dusseldorf Munich or Berlin but still… 3 low-cost companies opened their base in last few years.

Moreover, just check airport’s website and take a look on the variety of destinations. It gives a nice opportunity to make a lot of flights like real airlines do. But also for fictional routes (like I mostly do) it is a nice destination to visit or take off from. More airports, better for me.

alex: I fly to places that
– I cant actually go to in real life for whatever reason
– places ive been to irl and have found them to leave a sentimental mark on me
– just awesome scenery that I want to fly to (very rare actually)

but yes, I too don’t care about anything local because im in the middle of scenic nowhere.

FWA: Corfu is like SXM. it cannot have huge pass numbers but it’s iconic. Nuremberg is… seriously.. wtf is Nuremberg. its more irrelevant than Jacksonville fl and palm beach (of which there are quite decent renditions for fsx)

I just don’t understand the choice. but as I said, must be enough german clientele to buy these, given that aerosoft has volumes of german fields.

and then vidan is doing the whole Denmark thing. but my point remains.

I’ve always felt a bit weirdo, flight simulation wise. I’m portuguese, held a pilot’s license even. But I never enjoyed flying in FS where I flew in real life, lisboa area. In FS I fly mostly in other continents (PNW and Alaska) or long haul all over the sim world. For some reason the “people fly where they are most familiar with” doesn’t work for me. Give me exotic places, that’s where I enjoy going to. Nuremberg would be exotic for me, specially for one of my cargo hauling flights.

@lol: Funny that you compare it to Corfu Airport and say that Nuremberg Airport is “meaningless to just about anyone” – because Nuremberg has 4.2 million passengers a year, compared to Corfu’s 2.9 million. And that makes Nuremberg at least Germany’s 10th-biggest airport. Just because an airport has a less exciting approach or scenic location, this doesn’t mean that it’s an airport “in the middle of nowhere”. And if you had paid some attention in history class or at least in cinema, you would know quite a few things about the role Nuremberg played in history, particularly in the 20th century (even if it’s a rather sad one). Furthermore, the city has half a million inhabitants and is a major technological and industrial center (due to world-famous companies like Siemens, Adidas and Puma in its metropolitan area), so I don’t know where you come from, but in central Europe, this is a far cry from being “nowhere”.

Germany is a very big flight simulation market. That’s why Orbx made Germany North, even though it is 90% flat and not very interesting. People want to fly what they know best. If I could choose, many many more interesting places would come to mind but i will buy it anyway because I think it will be one of the best sceneries out there.

Tf is a Captain7