12bPilot Releases SODE VDGS Pack

223063 VDGS SFO

12bPilot has released their SODE VDGS pack for both FSX and Prepar3D V4. The SODE VDGS Pack models six different visual docking guidance systems. The models simulated include the FMT APIS++, Safedock T2-18, Safedock T2S-24, Safedock T3-9, Safedock T3-15, and the “Traffic Light” docking system that is used at various airports including San Francisco. All VGDS models have been modeled using real world images and manufacture specifications.

The most important thing to note when purchasing VDGS pack is that you are not going to see them at every airport. Addon developers will provide a configuration file with their products that will allow the use of the SODE VDGS pack. The consumer simply is purchasing the models for use in the sim. There are three components that are needed for the SODE VDGS to work properly, first, a basic SODE installation followed by the VDGS pack, and finally an addon airport with a VDGS placement file. The SODE VDGS pack will not be a credit-based product, upon purchase of the VDGS pack, it will be active at every airport that supports the system.  After installation, 12bPilot gives the user the ability to demo the various docking systems. The demo will be available at Cebu Mactan International Airport in the Philippines. 12bPilot’s SODE VDGS pack can be purchased at Simmarket for €8.99.


  • Automatic detection of user aircraft type
  • Exact simulation of different dock systems, including failure cases and parking assessment
  • System uses nosewheel position for precise parking
  • Support for different nosewheel stop positions depending on aircraft type defined by the airport addon developer
  • Static model and LODs for optimum performance
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