Collaborate on creating engaging content for the next-generation of flight simulation.

The next generation is almost upon us. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is due to release later this year and FSElite is looking for brand new talented, passionate and hard-working people to join our expanding team. 


You will be at the heart of creating original, engaging and informative content for the flight simulation community and attracting new people to the community.


This position is open to anyone who would like to write, produce videos or engage with the community through social media.


You will be empowered to work at your own pace and work towards a common goal of helping FSElite inspire new simmers to our world.


You will work alongside other creative members of the team, collaborate on exciting projects and help shape the future of FSElite.


If you’re self-motivated, a hard worker and excited by the future of flight simulation, we want to hear from you today.



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First To Know

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Expert Knowledge

Are you...

  • At least 18 years old?
  • Have a good standing within the flight sim community?
  • Positive, self-motivated, and engaged?
  • Dedicated, passionate about flight simulation, and willing to go above and beyond to get the job done?
  • Have a good flight-simulation product knowledge?
  • Able to work in a globally-focused team spread across multiple time-zones?

If yes, then here are the roles...

– Source flight simulation news from a variety of sources

– Clear an internal queue of news on a regular basis supporting the others in the writing team

– Write, edit, and publish own work for news posting

– Create original content based on experiences or questions you want answered

– React quickly to new information relevant to published stories

– Assess new flight simulation products on a frequent basis

– Work with editors to publish reviews based on FSElite standards

– Take screenshots of review products

– Engage with community comments on stories they have written


– Collaborate with our passionate team of video producers to create unique and original content based on Microsoft Flight Simulator

– Create first looks, hands-on impressions, reviews and help edit other content to a deadline.

– Support other video producers with their work by providing b-roll or advice.

– Create short video clips to support the Social Media specialist

– React quickly to important new information and create video content in a timely manner.

– Be a face of FSElite and provide support for interviews with the development community.

– Take part in other FSElite-related opportunities when able.

– Collaborate with the Creative Director to establish best practices for sharing content and user engagement across all platforms

– Source and post content on social media accounts across all platforms

– Be creative and make visual content for engagement

– Create the caption text, description and comment responses across all platforms

– Create engaging stories for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook

– Research, develop and implement strategies to drive more people to engage with our content

– Coordinate partnerships with and manage a database of social influencer contacts

– Track metrics and report on analytics across all social media accounts

– Build relationships with community members across all platforms in innovative ways


  • Full training and engagement with FSElite
  • Know first: get the inside scoop before everyone else
  • Frequent internal team events
  • Free flight simulation products to expand your library
  • Free FSElite merchandise from a variety of partners
  • Attend flight sim events worldwide as part of the FSElite team
  • Discounts from selected partners including software and hardware

What are you waiting for?

You could find yourself writing about Microsoft Flight Simulator on the leading flight simulation media outlet.



Since 2016, we have stood by our Community Charter to bring the best content to the flight simulation community in engaging and powerful ways.


We strive to bring rich and exciting content to our community and empower them to make the right choice in their next flight simulation purchase.


Our passion, drive, enthusiasm and dedication has helped us to achieve goals previously thought unobtainable. We’ve progressively challenged those assumptions and have come out on top.

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The flight sim industry continues to grow year-on-year, with FSElite pioneering engagement with the community. Our unstoppable reach demonstrates our radical growth – something you can be part of. 


The whole FSElite is totally hands-on. Whatever the task, project or challenge, we all get involved and work hard. We reward hard work, which could include trips to local events or even international destinations.


The number one tip is to be yourself. We value when people are totally true to themselves. 


Secondly, take a look at some of our past content contributions. We ensure that we create highly informative and engaging content. Those that show they are creative, attentive in their content and able to deliver to a deadline are exactly the type of people we want on our team.


Take your time. There’s no need to rush the application. We want the best people to join the best media outlet, so take time to provide the best application.