Community Charter

We started FSElite with the passion and desire to create a place where newcomers and experienced simmers alike could learn about the latest in flight simulation. We build and create content with you in mind based on what we see happening in the community. Everything we do at FSElite is to only benefit the community, which is exactly why we have our Community Charter.

As we continue to grow, explore new ideas and build relationships with the community and developers, we want to be completely transparent with how we operate. We have learned valuable lessons over the years, but we have always stood by our integrity to offer impartial news, honest reviews and be accountable for mistakes we may have made in the past.

Being a media outlet comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. We have a responsibility to ensure our content is honest, our opinions are well-founded and that we work to improve the overall sense of community in this niche hobby we all know and love.

To try and tackle some of those challenges and set expectations for anyone who visits the site, we have outlined our Community Charter. A set of promises from us to you. Whatever your capacity in the flight simulation capacity, we are driven by delivering on the following:

Simmer First

It doesn’t matter what you do to support the community; we’re all here because we love flight simulation. Our simming community drive us to strive to be the best, so all the work we do is for you.

Honest Speaking

We’ll always tell you as it is. Whether we love, like or loathe something, you can count on us to tell you as it is. No influence from advertising partners, external pressures, etc will influence how we deliver our content to you.

Integrity Foremose

Standing by what you believe in should always be at the forefront of anyone’s mind. That’s exactly what we do. We work hard to deliver what we believe so you can count on us to ensure what we do is for the benefit of the whole community.

Efficiency & Continuity

We work hard to provide for the whole community. Our mission is to strive to create meaningful and rich content for the flight simulation community in an effective and innovative manner.

Our Promise to You

Our Community Charter keeps us driven to provide the excellent level of service you expect from FSElite. In addition to our Community Charter, we have a set of promises that help set us apart from other media outlets.

Investing In the Community

We invest money earned from advertising and sponsorship back into the community through FSElite, whether that’s through server costs, website development, advert promotions, software procurement or giveaways. Some of our team members are paid for the contributions on a contractual basis to ensure we have a wide-range of content for the community. We also sponsor certain events and donate to good causes that promote flight simulation.

We Publish Relevant, Original Content

We won’t copy and paste from a press release. We always take the information provided and deliver it in a format we feel benefits the community. We will continue to offer, unique and unbiased views through editorials, YouTube, and our Podcast.

We Ensure Promotions are Relevant & Non-Spammy

We will always post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. What we won’t do is spam and duplicate posts covered by other websites. (Unless they stole our content first). 

We also run promotions, advertisements and sponsorships through our website. However, we will only post those we feel comfortable with and think will benefit the community.

You can read our advertising policy for more on this specific stuff.

We Celebrate All Simulators

We all love flight simulation, regardless of the platform. That’s why we celebrate and produce content on all modern simulators. If you can experience flight on a platform, we’ll look at covering it.

We Admit to Our Mistakes and Listen to Feedback

We’re not going to be perfect, but we’ll ensure mistakes are corrected and admit to them. If you spot anything, let us know and we’ll do what we can. We respond to and take on-board any feedback, comments, criticisms or enquires. What we ask is that you contact us if you spot any of those issues.

We Like to Grow and Celebrate Our Success

We have grown since we started and want to continue doing that. We’re always seeking innovative ways to do so. We’re always going to write articles which please our target audience, as well as encourage new people to stop by. We also like to celebrate our successes as it motivates our team to strive to be the best.

What Defines ‘Community’ For Us?

For us the term ‘Community’ encapsulates everyone who is involved with flight simulation. That includes those who buy products and simulators, those who develop the products we love, those who sell the products we love and also those who generate free downloads for the products we love. It doesn’t matter what your role is in flight simulation, we consider you to be part of the community.

This is why our Community Charter is for everyone in this industry. We strive to be fair for everyone and provide the best possible service to everyone that we serve in the community.


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