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Developers shared plenty of news during FlightSimExpo 2019, all of which you can re-cap below.

FSExpo 19
Jonathan Clayton

TFDi Announces SmartCars 3

Developer TFDi Design has announced their plans to release smartCARS 3. With a complete code rewrite, the new version of smartCARS 3 will allow flexibility

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Video Content

For the first time ever, FlightSimExpo was live-streamed for simmers at home to enjoy the show. Along with streaming the content, each seminar was profssionally filmed to re-watch again any time after the event.


You can watch them on-demand below.

Welcome to FlightSimExpo

Event organizers welcome attendees to the conference and provide an overview of the 2019 event.

Introduction to At-Home Flight Simulation

YouTubers FlightChops and Jason Miller are joined by PilotEdge’s Keith Smith to talk about how at-home flight simulation software can be used to benefit real-world flight training. Designed for students, pilots, and followers of Steve and Jason’s content, this seminar will provide the ultimate introduction to at-home simulation, flying online, virtual air traffic control, and more!

Flight Simulation Addon Developers Panel

The flightsim addon market has been and will continue to be vital to the growing success of the flight simulation community. Join Will (‘chillywillies’) and several addon developers as they discuss their backgrounds, their perspectives on the flight simulation industry, and what is next for the community. Both newcomers to flight simulation and current enthusiasts will gain a better understanding of what goes into the development market-shaping products and what trends are being projected going forward. Audience members will also have opportunities to connect directly with developers in a face-to-face setting.

For the LUV of Flight

Hoping to inspire the pilot in everyone, airshow performer and Boeing 737 pilot Paul Schulten discusses his career in aviation, leading to his 2008 purchase of a Christen Eagle. Paul has flown since the age of 19 and has over 23,000 hours of flight time in a wide variety of aircraft including gliders, the DC-3, business jets, the 737, DC-9, and many general aviation aircraft. Paul talks about the aviation industry, flying—both commercially and in airshows, and what opportunities are available to youths and students who are interested in aviation careers.

Dispatching and Ops Management

Aircraft Dispatcher Matt Bartels offers a look behind the scenes at airline operations and what it takes to get an airplane safely from origin to destination. The seminar focuses on the methods, rules, and thought processes used by aircraft dispatchers when planning domestic and international flights under FAR Part 121. It concludes with a discussion of the aircraft dispatcher’s role in monitoring enroute flights during regular and irregular operations as well as how to use these concepts to increase the realism of desktop flight simulators.

Home Cockpit Building: Design, Fabrication, and Integration

Builders Filipe Bessa, Robert Prather, Peter Wu, and Wayne Piekarski provide an in-depth discussion of tools, tips, and tricks for home cockpit builders and “do-it-yourself” simmers. These four experts discuss fabricating simulator components, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to create instrument panels, modifying scrapped airframes and parts, and creating low-cost immersive flight simulation systems at home using open source software.

Juneau Landing Competition

During the day on Saturday, FlightSimExpo attendees were able to attempt a landing at the Laminar Research booth using X-Plane 11 in Virtual Reality. Then, on Sunday morning, the top pilots were featured on stage to compete live in front of the FlightSimExpo audience.

Discovering Helicopter Simulation’s Sergio Costa offers an introduction to helicopters in flight simulation, an often overlooked subject! In the seminar, Sergio shares the story of how he learned to start flying virtual helicopters (“it was NOT easy, trust me!”), and the steps simmers should take if they are interested in becoming virtual rotorcraft pilots.

FAA WINGS Seminar - Robert Jex

Robert Jex, FAASTeam Program Manager for the Orlando FSDO, showcased the FAA’s WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program. Robert, who has been involved with flight training in Central Florida for more than 20 years, is also a former Naval Flight Officer with more than 28 years of commissioned service, retiring as the Commanding Officer of a large Reserve unit near the Orlando International Airport.

Developer Seminars

Throughout FlightSimExpo, many developers and exhibitors took to the stage to deliver a range of seminars.


They have all been listed below for your convenience.  

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Parallel 42

Parallel 42 deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Mettar Simulations

Mettar Simulations deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Mindstar Aviation

Mindstar Aviation deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Noble Flight Simulation

Noble Flight Simulation deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Gleim Aviation

Gleim Aviation deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Virtual Fly

Virtual-Fly deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - iCloth Avionics

iCloth deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Orbx

Orbx deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Laminar Research

Laminar Research deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Developer / Exhibitor Seminar - Flight Velocity

Flight Velocity deliver their seminar at FlightSimExpo 2019.

Using At-Home Flight Simulation

A series of seminars designed to help newcomers get the most out of flight simulation. From knowing why and how to get involved to understanding online flying.

Using At-Home Flight Simulation: Part 1 of 3 - Why and How

Are you new to at-home flight simulation? This three-part series covers the why and how of at-home simulation, and provide a detailed discussion of online aviation. This first seminar discusses why pilots, students, and enthusiasts are so hooked on at-home flight simulation, and provides a practical overview to getting started in the simulator world.

Using At-Home Flight Simulation: Part 2 of 3 - What is Online Aviation?

In the second of the three-part series on Using At-Home Flight Simulation, Sebastian discusses the world of online aviation, and how getting connected to thousands of other virtual pilots from around the world can take your simulator flying to the next level.

Using At-Home Flight Simulation: Part 3 of 3 - Flying Online

In the final portion of the Using At-Home Flight Simulation series, Republic Airways First Officer Ethan Hawes hosts an interactive session full of exercises, tips, and tricks that real-world professionals use on a daily basis to get the job done. For the enthusiast simulator pilot, or for a student looking to enter a career in the airlines, Ethan discusses briefings, cockpit organization, and automation management for you to apply and use on your home simulator.

Thank You and FlightSimExpo 2020

As North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference, FlightSimExpo is proud to have polled developers, attendees, and simmers from around the world to help find the location for our next event. To close out the 2019 event, show organizers talked more about FlightSimExpo 2020 venues.


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