Developer Month: Air Hauler got me Back into Flight Simulation

Welcome to the FSElite Developer Month. Our theme this year is about delivering for the community and part of that is delivering great content to you all. As part of our commitment to you all, we’re pleased to announced Developer Month – a month themed solely around celebrating our great development community. Over the course of March, you’ll be treated to some behind the scene looks at some of our favourite developers, stories from the FSElite team, exclusive interviews and more.

I have been a flight simulation enthusiast since the days of Flight Simulator 3.0 back in 1988. As a lot of you, I have seen the community grow and the sim’s evolve over the years. I lived and breathed all things flight sim until in 2007 when I quit. I completely lost my passion for anything flight sim related. FSX had released the year prior in 2006, However I just got sick of thinking what’s the next flight going to be?  I lost all direction and purpose with respect to flight sim.

A couple of years had gone past, still no flight sim. I stumbled on an article for Air Hauler in 2009. It drew my attention and I started to smile whilst reading about the features Air hauler had to offer. I remember thinking “You mean I can build my own airline empire, control it all, and fly at the same time?”

I was back in the game. I went and bought a new Flight Sim PC and started building my empire. Over the years I happily completed thousands of flights with Air Hauler, worked my way from a Cessna 172 pilot up to the Queen of the Sky’s. Thank you Duncan Murray, Air Hauler got me back into Flight Simulation!

Once again, in 2013 I come across Duncan’s AH2 Presentation, and again I smiled. Though it wasn’t until 2015 that I had a thought that it would be great to film flights and post on You Tube.  In December 2015, the Aus flight Simmer Channel was born.

Whilst I practice my craft with other flight videos, in addition to the FSPassenger series, my mind was truly set on Air Hauler 2 and with the release of Air Hauler 2 in 2016, my recording begun.

The channel has evolved from there. It was my first AH2 live stream that really enhanced the whole Air Hauler 2 Fan boy experience.  I later found out that Duncan Murray: the developer of Air Hauler 2 was the watching the live stream & actually linked it on the Air Hauler FP page.

What a great experience, what a great developer. Keep up the great work Duncan.

Check back tomorrow when we speak to FSFX Packages about Chase Plane!

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