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Black Friday Sales Round-up 2019


With Black Friday upon us, many developers have announced their sales for the celebration. And by the many messages we received from all of you, it’s clear that you’re also very eager to see our sales round-up post, something that’s also slowly becoming a bit of a tradition around these times. So this holiday season you will once again be able to find all your favourite developers in our sales round-up, with many sales lasting all the way through the weekend until Cyber Monday next week.

We’ll try to keep this post updated as more developers announce their sales. If you’re missing a particular sale that you think is noteworthy, make sure to let us know.


Here at FSElite, we are offering 25% off the second issue of our physical and PDF magazines. This means the prices are now as follows:

Physical & PDF Edition Package (with free shipping)*

  • UK – £4.49
  • EUR –  €7.49
  • US / CA – $8.96 USD
  • Rest of the World – $10.47

PDF Edition

  • UK – £2.99
  • EUR –  €3.75
  • US / CA – $3.71 USD
  • Rest of the World – $3.71 USD

This deal is only valid until December 3rd 2019.

*Free shipping is an economy service, meaning it could take several weeks to reach you. Expedited shipping is available for those wanting it sooner.


Just Flight is giving a 60% discount on selected aircraft. This makes for a great chance to add to your fleet for both Prepar3D and X-Plane, with products like the popular PA-38 Tomahawk, the C152, the PA-28R Arrow or the classic Avro Vulcan. Also on sale is Air Hauler 2. Make sure to check out the sale to see all products included. On sale until December 2nd.

blankImmersive Audio is throwing a 20% off sale for their range of sound packages. Whether you want to make your PMDG NGX sound realistic or you’re looking to improve the sounds of the Majestic Q400, then these are the packs you need. Great products at a great discounted price. Ends November 30th 2019.

Pilot Plus is taking part in the sales, too, with up to 35% off all their product range. You can explore the new EGGD Bristol Definitive or hop down to the sunny island of Ibiza. A nice selection of products available now for X-Plane 11. No end date was set from what we could see.

FS2Crew has issued a 30% discount across its entire range of products, including Ultimate Ground Crew X and the FSLabs Airbus set. You will need to put in the code BLACK2019 to get the discount.

PILOT’S, developers of the recently released Tioman Island and the excellent Alicante Airport are having a 30% – 50% sale off their entire product range. No end date was set from what we could find.

Orbx is offering 50% off on almost their entire library. Make your sim look better than ever with some of their Global add-ons, or add some of their excellent airports to your mix. Their sale will last all the way into the next year, until January 5th 2020.

TFDi Design is offering 30% off their entire product range, including the great 717 and the recently released PACX. The deal is only valid on Monday December 2nd, so be sure to add the coupon code ‘CYBERMONDAY‘ to take advantage of the deal.

FSDreamTeam is offering 40% off all their products. The sale will last until December 8th. A good chance to pick up GSX, GSX Level 2 or their most recent scenery: Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

MK-Studios is offering 50% off on Lisbon. Lisbon recently got an update that adds PBR textures to the airport, making for some absolutely gorgeous effects. The sale will last until December 1st.


REX Game Studios is offering 40% off on all products, including the most recent releases of REX5 Environment Force and REX5 – Sky Force 3D. The sale is running through Cyber Monday, after which it will end.

LatinVFR is running a sale up to 40% on all products, with the exclusion of Madrid, their most recent release. Sales on their older products can be found over on SimMarket. The sale will run until December 3rd.

PrealSoft is having a 25% discount on all products with the exclusion of this weeks release of HD Cities Dublin v2. A great chance to pick up some of their airports, HD cities or auto-gen objects. Their sale will run until December 1st.

RealTurb is also offering 40% off on all their products. Make sure you check this out if you want to add some turbulent challenges to your flights, until Cyber Monday.


TOGA Projects is offering two separate discounts: Envshade can be picked up with 10% off for €5,04. Envtex can be picked up at 40% off for €12,60. On sale until December 1st.

PKSIM is giving us a discount of 20% on all their sceneries with the exception of their latest release of Bogota. Their sale will last through Cyber Monday until December 2nd.

Flightbeam is offering a 35% discount on all their products. If you haven’t read our recent reviews, this is a good chance to pick up on some great sceneries, as well as earn some Flightbeam Points that can help you towards your next discount. Their sale will run through Cyber Monday until December 3rd.

HiFi Technologies is offering 30% off on all their products until December 2nd. A great chance to enhance the weather in your simulator with Active Sky.

JetStream Designs is offering a 25% discount on all products. Their sale will run for quite a while too, all the way until December 8th. These guys have some great sceneries, from Paris to Palermo, from Nantes to Marseille, and more.

blankJustSim is offering 30% off on all sceneries, with the exception of their recently released Stuttgart. Nontheless, these guys have an impressive number of 67 sceneries on sale, for both Prepar3D and X-Plane. On sale until December 3rd.

JustAsia is a relative newcomer to the scenery market. They are offering three different discounts: 50% off of Bahrain Intl. Airport & City, 40% off of Sri Lanka Intl. Airport and 30% off of Cagliari Elmas Airport. Sales end on December 3rd.

Pacific Islands Simulation (PacSim) is offering a 20% discount on all sceneries with the exception of their most recent release of Hiroshima. The sale will run until November 30th.

A2A Simulations is running two discounts. Their FSX products are all discounted with 30%, whereas their Prepar3D products are all discounted with 25%. According to the team, a good chance to pick up some airplanes that you may have been holding back on. Their sale is on until December 1st.

DreamFlight Studios is offering a 20% discount on Liberia Intl. Airport (P3Dv4), a 35% discount on Mexico City Airport (XP11), and a 40% discount on Puerto Plata Airport and Perpignan Rivesaltes Airport (both FSX) until December 2nd.

TropicalSim is offering 40% off on every product but their two most recent releases. This developer has sceneries all over the world, so make sure to see if you’re missing out on a few popular holiday destinations. On sale until November 30th.

blankFSimStudios is having a 40% sale on all their products. Their products include some nice sceneries for both Prepar3D and X-Plane. Their sale will run until December 15th.

Taxi2Gate is offering a 25% discount on all their sceneries until December 1st. From Seattle to Munich, Hong Kong to Doha and Istanbul to Paris, these guys have really been around the world.

Gaffer Simulations is giving a 35% discount on their sceneries: O.R. Tambo Intl. Airport and Lanseria Intl. Airport. Their sale ends on December 2nd.

SIM720 Limited has a 20% discount on all their sceneries, mostly some smaller regional airports and general aviation airports in the UK, US and Germany. On sale until December 8th.

FSReborn AI Lights Pro Edition, only recently released, is on sale with 25% off. If AI traffic is your thing, make sure to check this out as it offers some nice lighting enhancements. We’ll have a review of this coming soon, but unfortunately just not in time for this sale. The sale will last through Cyber Monday.

Milviz is offering 30% off of select products. Unfortunately, they did not provide a convenient list with what exact add-ons will be discounted, so this is one you’ll have to check out for yourself. Their discount can be applied with the code ‘VENDIFOU’, and lasts through Cyber Monday.

blankAerosoft is having a 25% discount on select products, ranging from sceneries to aircraft, for both Prepar3D and X-Plane. Aerosoft is also offering Black Friday sales on some 3rd party products, such as Milviz and Drzewiecki Design.

Alabeo is offering 50% off on the following aircraft: C172RG CUTLASS II, PA22 TRI PACER, PA38 TOMAHAWK II, PITTS S-2S, C188 AGTRUCK, R66 TURBINE and the SU-26. Their sale will last until December 2nd.

LionHeart Simulations is also offering a discount on a select number of products (airplanes), available through Payloadz.com.

Photosim Labs announced a sale with different discount percentages based on what products you want to buy and what products you already have, ranging from 15% to 30%. Their sale will be running until December 2nd.

blankDrzewiecki Design is offering 50% off on all of their sceneries, with the exception of the recently released Moscow Sheremetyevo – which received a modest but nice 15% discount. On sale until December 8th.

FeelThere is having a 50% discount on a huge range of products, 51 total. Some of their sales include airports for their Tower!3D add-ons, but also their Embraer 135 and 145XRJ and Embraer E-Jets v1 for Prepar3D v4 are on sale. Their sale is also a lengthy one, running all the way until December 9th.

RFSceneryBuilding is offering a 20% discount on all their products. These developers are known for a wide range of Italian airports, but do occasionally wonder outside of Italy with sceneries in Tenerife and Eastern Europe, such as Ljubljana and Zagreb. On sale until December 19th.

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