Zero Dollar Payware Releases Seoul-Incheon International for XPL

06 Oct 2021 18:55z

If you’re looking to explore a bit of Asia in X-Plane 11, then Zero Dollar Payware has given you a good reason to go and visit in the simulator. The development team has released Seoul-Incheon International Airport (RKSI) for the platform as freeware. The largest airport in South Korea is the primary airport for Seoul, with millions of passengers and pieces of cargo passing through it each year. The airport is a modern, advanced and well-designed airport that is capable of handling hundreds of daily departures. The airport has seen plenty of updates over the past few years, in particular with the newly added 16R/34L runway.

The freeware product comes with plenty of custom buildings, 1K texturing and AI functional taxiways. The team is also very honest in their feature list by saying that the SAM jetways are “reasonably” functional, whilst the “kinda accurate” terminal interiors suggest that they’re good enough for them to function well. As for the layout, ZDP is clear that runways 16R/34L is missing due to a lack of suitable imagery and as such, some of the signage and layout may not be true-to-life accurate. However, this is a freeware product so can easily be overlooked.

If you want to discover Seoul-Incheon International Airport for yourself in X-Plane 11, head on over to the iniBuilds forums to download yourself a copy.


  • Mostly custom buildings
  • Somewhat accurate layout and signage
  • Pretty good FPS optimization
  • Marginally realistic 3d grass and ortho
  • Reasonably functional custom SAM jetways
  • Decently accurate grunge and dirt
  • Fully functional AI taxi routes probably
  • High resolution 1k textures with PBR
  • Kinda accurate terminal interiors
  • Unofficially licensed by the Incheon International Airport Corporation and BTS

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