Xometry Announces Victorville Airport (KVCV) for XPL

14 Sep 2021 17:36z

Developer Xometry has announced via the iniBuilds forums that they will be bringing Victorville Airport (KVCV) to X-Plane 11. The team will be bringing the iconic desert airport to the simulator and will come with a number of features.

The airport is typically the final destination for many aircraft before being scrapped, but it has also served as a long-term storage facility to cope with the demand during the pandemic. The airport currently stores over 500 aircraft from the likes of BA, Qatar, Southwest and Delta.

The team has developed the airport to include accurate HD ground markings, realistic vegetation and also many accurately placed aircraft models throughout. In addition, there are some unique disassembled aircraft parts and aircraft wreckages to find. Finally, the team has included a pre-pandemic and pandemic version highlighting how the airport was utilised during the global event.

Xometry’s Victorville Airport will be released only on the iniBuilds store in the near future. For now check out the full forum post for the full scoop.


  • Accurate HD ground markings
  • 4K PBR Buildings
  • Highly Detailed Ground Clutter
  • Realistic vegetation (accurately placed)
  • Realistic airfield landmarks
  • Realistic Ortho imagery
  • Accurately placed aircraft models
  • Aircraft wrecks and disassembled aircraft parts
  • Includes pre-pandemic and pandemic versions

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