X-Plane 12 Scenery Gateway Information and More Previews

Laminar Research's X-Plane 12 is getting closer to release and there have been plenty of previews showcasing the new simulator.

13 Dec 2021 10:38z

Whilst X-Plane 12 is still being worked on by Laminar Research, a number of previews and new information have been shared over the past few weeks. Namely how airports from the scenery gateway will look, along with some new previews of upcoming aircraft with the sim.

Scenery Gateway

When we have spoken to Laminar Research about how third-party developers will interact with the new simulator, they have always committed to wanting them to have an easy experience. One important aspect of the X-Plane ecosystem is the scenery gateway system developed to allow people to upload their creations in one location to help populate the virtual world. In a preview over on the forums, a number of airports in the scenery library have been fully upgraded to X-Plane 12 to take advantage of all the new features.

The set of images revealed that updates to Portland, Innsbruck, Seattle, Bella Coola Airport and Aspen Airport have all been updated to X-Plane 12 standards.

Going even further, Julian from Laminar Research then showed a number of images for specific airports.

CYBD Bella Coola

CZST Stewart Airport

KASE Aspen Airport

Aircraft Previews

Not only will X-Plane 12 bring all-new technology to the simulation, but it will also add a host of new aircraft. Those new aircraft include the King Air, the Airbus A330 and also a new Super Cub. All of the aircraft have been given a few previews over on X-Plane’s Facebook page over the past few weeks.

Wintery Wonderland

Finally, a couple of winter previews were shared by Laminar Research for X-Plane 12. These previews showcase how snow and winter will finally be in X-Plane. I’ll let the previews do the talking.

More X-Plane 12 Content

If you want to learn even more about X-Plane 12, check out our past content such as our in-depth interview with the team during FlightSimExpo. Also, check out the A330 footage we have on our site.

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