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X-Plane 12 Public Beta Updated Introducing the Airbus MCDU

The A330 has a fully functional MCDU for X-Plane 12 in the latest public beta build.

X-Plane 12 Public Beta Updated Introducing the Airbus MCDU

A new public beta update for X-Plane 12 has been released that includes the Airbus MCDU for the included Airbus A330.

The MCDU has been a long-awaited feature for simmers since the A330 was first announced to be a part of the default aircraft in X-Plane 12. It’s an area that Laminar Research has been keen to get right since prior to release, but wanted to make sure that they were able to offer a compelling update before releasing it.

X-Plane 12 Public Beta Updated Introducing the Airbus MCDU

There’s been a range of other fixes and improvements with the update as well. There are plenty of stability updates, rendering improvements and also changes to various X-Plane 12 features. This includes the 4D weather system and included aircraft.

Public Beta – 12.05b1 is now available and you can get it. The full list of changes is down below.

Recently, Laminar Research started offering DVD versions of X-Plane 12, which you can order now. Otherwise, if you want the digital version of the simulator, you head over to the X-Plane website where you can purchase it for $59.99/£51.95/€60.35.


  • XPD-13946 – Some stability augmentation system active in all aircraft.
  • XPD-13815 – Crash taxiing across latitude line at LFPG with wind set up.
  • XPD-13677 – DSF Fatal Error Crashes the Sim instead of Quitting.
  • XPD-13940 – Temperatures can jump dramatically near the tropopause.
  • XPD-13706 – Text Offsets on EFIS Map not working for TCAS.
  • XPD-12609 – Hang or dev assert in failed weapons load.
  • XPD-5948 – Approach lights cut off when crossing longitude degree.
  • XPD-13945 – THR LVR FMA doubled in A330.
  • XPD-13925 – DataRefTool text display broken again.
  • XPD-13702 – Clouds break MSAA.
  • XPD-13559 – Replay system does not handle ground-speed acceleration well.
  • XPD-13550 – OBJ with empty key frame table crashes sim.
  • XPD-13530 – t_quit from thread hangs the sim and other sad things.
  • XPD-13446 – From Bug Report: Landing Gear Failures within IOS (Do not Work).
  • XPD-13354 – microburst doesn’t go away when you fix the failure.
  • XPD-13954 – A330 FMC, clicking on the PERF button should always take you to the current active PERF phase page.
  • XPD-13951 – A330 pack flow sound even if no bleed air available to drive the packs.
  • XPD-13723 – Consider CURLSSLOPT_REVOKE_BEST_EFFORT option.
  • XPD-13719 – From Bug Report: Editing Weapon Shell Geometry Using the Weapons’ UI Duplicates the Geometry to the Launcher.
  • XPD-13682 – From Bug Report: Wake turbulence broken for 3rd party integrations.
  • XPD-13540 – Additional CLI Adding Additional Options.
  • XPD-13729 – Not able to reach North Pole with a CTD.
  • XPD-13473 – Manufacture List Runs of Screen (Plane Maker).
  • XPD-13910 – Tree rendering distance massively reduced.
  • XPD-13849 – ATTR_shiny_rat undoes ATTR_albedo_opacity.
  • XPD-13923 – Incorrect draw layer in some runways.
  • XPD-13915 – Missing pipeline with custom billboard lights when recomputing the cube map.
  • XPD-13912 – Airport Line Marking #19 “Taxiway Hatch” no more showing.
  • XPD-13909 – DDS loader crashes trying to free memory.
  • XPD-13891 – CTD when requesting clearance at an airport with no usable runways.
  • XPD-13871 – Make (apt.dat) taxiway layering compatible with 3rd party X-Plane 11 scenery & libraries.
  • XPD-13825 – X-Plane 12 and Plane Maker 12 CTD when opening an X-Plane 11 model.
  • XPD-13707 – Flaps/Slats Timing Not Working.
  • XPD-10868 – OpenGL plugin rendering flickering on AMD.
  • XPD-13937 – Race condition in OBJ_read.cpp.
  • XPD-13932 – Bug report “Black sun is still there”.
  • XPD-13922 – SR-22 needs to use new command for blue level button.
  • XPD-13914 – Take KBTV with updated road network into next beta.
  • XPD-13913 – Zink doesn’t identify if the Zink libGL.so is pre-loaded through LD_PRELOAD.
  • XPD-13911 – Remove Aerosoft – EDLP Paderborn-Lippstadt airport.
  • XPD-13900 – 737 cabin altitude indicator pointer showing wrong value.
  • XPD-13899 – RenderDoc can no longer capture X-Plane (Linux).
  • XPD-13892 – Update global airports to add is_oilrig meta data.
  • XPD-13869 – F14: Adjust Flap Interlock on Wing Sweep.
  • XPD-13867 – L-5 airplane uses wrong dataref for turn coord, so i fixed it.
  • XPD-13856 – Case mismatch in rpaths in libary.txt with actual file names.
  • XPD-13830 – Rounding on LED generic instruments in plane maker needs to be ‘optionable’.
  • XPD-13828 – Ford Carrier small update: removed animated Seahawk.
  • XPD-13820 – Ford Carrier Vehicles update: library update.
  • XPD-13819 – Ford Carrier Vehicles update.
  • XPD-13808 – Updated earth_astro.dat (star positions database).
  • XPD-13771 – Remove on screen debug information output from translations.
  • XPD-13752 – No altitude sel armed when using right side Master for autopilot on Citation X.
  • XPD-13660 – The direction of the slip indicator on the Citation is wrong.
  • XPD-13643 – Crash with empty controller when requesting stop pushback.
  • XPD-13616 – Real weather folder size increasing .
  • XPD-13500 – KingAir smoke visible at night.
  • XPD-13495 – “NONE” cannot be selected in fuel tank transfer list.
  • XPD-13169 – Once triggered, Master Warnings & Master Cautions fluctuate on and off continuously.
  • XPD-13930 – Bug report “XPLMGetMETARForAirport does not retrieve latest METAR”.
  • XPD-13902 – Bug report “Wierd looking engine smoke in F14D (fix included)”.
  • XPD-13893 – Pro Use Frame Rate Test – Increase from 10 FPS to 20 FPS.
  • XPD-13868 – Add support for Discord rich presence.
  • XPD-13832 – CURLSSLOPT_REVOKE_BEST_EFFORT needs to be set separately for proxy.
  • XPD-13811 – From Bug Report: sim/cockpit2/ice/tks_max_time_left goes down too fast.
  • XPD-13810 – From Bug Report: Inappropriate effect of some failures.
  • XPD-13174 – Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet .sit file bug .
  • XPD-13061 – Total energy compensated variometer in Schleicher ASK21 shows wrong value.
  • XPD-11896 – A330: Pushing in knobs on FCU should show “managed mode” white dots for SPD and HDG as well.
  • XPD-10115 – B738: APU EGT levels regression.
  • XPD-13906 – Re: Bug report “CH Pro Pedals – Axis labelling incorrect.”.
  • XPD-13901 – Fully dark avionics draw at full brightness in ATTR_cockpit_device.
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