X-Plane 12 Launching in Full Come December

More features and improvements will be coming to X-Plane 12 as it enters its full release next month.

During this weekend’s FSWeekend event, Laminar Research took to the stage to announce some exciting news. In December, following the Early Access release, X-Plane 12 will be released in full to the public. Dropping the early access moniker, the full release of the simulator means that the team are confident in finally pushing this out to release via other mediums.

Those waiting on having a DVD version of X-Plane 12 will have to wait until early 2023 in order to get the simulator on physical disk.

Since the release of X-Plane 12 into early access, there have been 11 updates to the simulator that has address numerous bugs and pieces of feedback from the community. There has also been the addition of the ALYA-250 along with various improvements to the ATC and VR.

Another large update is in the works for the included A330 for X-Plane 12. It’s been said before that the plan is to bring a functional MCDU to the aircraft. It has been something that Laminar Research has been working on for some time, but progress is being made for a highly functional and accurate MCDU.

X-Plane 12 Launching in Full Come December

There are also many other improvements to the A330 coming soon, including weather support, B612 fonts (for improved clarity) and also RNP/GLS approaches. All of this is planned to come in the release of the full release of X-Plane 12.

VR also got a specific mention during the presentation. Laminar will be implementing OpenXR support, paving way for many more devices to be compatible with X-Plane 12. This will, however, come after the full release of the new simulator.

Whilst X-Plane 12 will soon be a full release, it’s still very much the intention of Laminar Research to continue improving the platform. As we saw with X-Plane 11, over time, more improvements will be made to the platform. As the team continues to develop, they are also looking to expand their workforce with new scenery developers, network engineers, marketing gurus and more.

Should we hear anything else from the team during the weekend, we will be sure to keep you update.

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Calum Martin
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Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since.
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