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X-Crafts Releases E-Jets for X-Plane 12

X-Crafts’ ultimate short haul aircraft, the Embraer E-Jets Family, has been released for X-Plane 12.

X-Crafts Releases E-Jets for X-Plane 12

The Brazilian made Embraer E-Jets family consist of the E170, E175, E190 and E195. The E170 was initially introduced in 2002 and it entered service with LOT Polish Airlines in 2004. The Embraer E170 was designed to carry between 66 and 124 passengers meaning it was larger than any other aircraft that the manufacturers had built before. In June 2003, the slightly longer E175 first took flight, followed by the quick succession of the E190 and E195 aircraft in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Although X-Crafts has previously released the E-Jets family for X-Plane, the latest rendition of the regional jet has been built from the ground up with brand new systems, modelling, sounds and flight model. The package represents the most true to life representation of an aircraft, X-Crafts has ever produced. All aircraft from the E170 through to the E195 have been faithfully reproduced for X-Plane 12 and utilises the latest features of the platform. The team are also still finessing the Lineage 1000, a 19 seat business jet based upon the E190 which will be released at a later date.

X-Crafts has included the most in-depth systems for the E-Jets Family release which includes high resolution cockpit screens, an authentic FMS with direct link to autopilot functions which can be used in FMS and manual modes and an all new EFB which gives users ability to activate doors, ground services, weight and balance with SimBrief data support and checklists which can also be customised.

In terms of pricing, the entire fleet can be purchased for $134.95 which will also include the later released Lineage 1000. Alternatively, if you wanted to just purchase a single model, you can do so for $74.95. By purchasing a single model, you will also be entitled to a 50% discount on the full E-Jets Family. Alternatively, if you have purchased the previous E-Jets aircraft, you can receive 15% off the price of the new E-Jets family. Discounts will automatically be applied once the products are added to the X-Plane Store basket whilst logged in.

If you wanted to ‘try’ before you buy, you can download the free preview of the E170 which gives you an idea of the performance of the aircraft as well as an idea of the level of detail the model has been finished to. This preview is very limited and will not contain sounds, instruments or systems.

Feature List

  • Accurate and realistic simulation of the Embraer E170, E175, E190, and E195 aircraft models.
  • Meticulously crafted cockpit with fully functional displays, switches, and gauges.
  • Custom FMS and autopilot system with accurate flight performance data.
  • Realistic engine and fuel management with custom thrust management.
  • Custom animations and liveries for a personalized flying experience.
  • Accurate systems simulations, including hydraulic, electrical, and fuel systems.
  • Custom flight dynamics.
  • Realistic sound effects for an immersive experience.
  • Choice of weather conditions, including icing and turbulence.
  • Comprehensive manual and tutorial videos to help pilots learn how to fly the aircraft.
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Jordan Williams
Jordan works in operations for a brewery, pub and hotel company in London. Discovering flight simulation when the 3x CD FS2002 was released, he then followed the natural progression up until P3D, where he switched platforms to X-Plane 11.

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