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Will Microsoft Attend FlightSimExpo 2021?

A question I’m sure many of you are wondering; will we see Microsoft attend FlightSimExpo 2021 in San Diego this year?

So far, FlightSimExpo has revealed plenty of developers and manufacturers who will be in attendance at the show, with also some representing the show online. We already have the developers behind the other core sims, Lockheed Martin and Laminar Research, confirmed to be at the show, but so far, no Microsoft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was announced right at the tail end of FlightSimExpo 2019 to all of our surprise. A few thousand miles away in LA, Microsoft held their annual E3 press conference and revealed the first-ever trailer. That sent shock waves through the conference hall and hotel bar and the obvious question was: will we see them at the show next year? With the 2020 event being cancelled, we likely won’t know for sure if Microsoft would have attended, but considering their sim was only weeks from release at that point, it would have been great for attendees to have a first-hand experience on the sim. With the simulator now firmly in people’s hands, would this change the desire to see them at the show in 2021? This invite should also be extended to the folks at Asobo Studio.

With support from developers and publishers of all sizes, it would be great to see Microsoft be involved in the show this year in some capacity. Whilst travelling to the event may proof difficult, what with company restrictions and other travel commitments, an online showing could also be possible. Having met the team on two occasions already, I personally know how chatty, passionate and engaging they are so it would be amazing to see others have the chance to speak to core members of the teams who created the sim.

Later on today, I will be interviewing both Evan and Phil from FlightSimExpo to find out more about the event and also ask them this key question. Stay tuned to FSElite over the next few days so we can share whether we get a concrete answer from them during the Q and A session.

My question to you is, do you want to see Microsoft or Asobo Studio at FlightSimExpo? If they did go, what would you hope to see from them?

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