Welcome Xbox Microsoft Flight Simulator Users

Today is the day that a proper flight simulator will appear on a gaming console. This is a historic day and one that I never expected to happen.

As such, from all of us here at FSElite, welcome to those of you using Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S. Despite the fact the simulator is on a console, the experience is like-for-like and gives anyone the opportunity to fly anywhere in the world.

At FSElite, we celebrate and use all types of flight simulators. Whether that’s the mainline desktop platforms or mobile flight simulators, any opportunity to virtually discover the world and learn to fly is fine by us. This obviously includes those of you using the Xbox

Whilst we put the finishing touches to our extensive review, you’ll see a variety of content over the next few days and weeks helping Xbox users find their feet in this world. This will include quick tutorials, handy how-tos and also features that list some of the best add-ons available for newcomers. Hopefully, even those experienced simmers will find this content helpful.

It’s worth remembering that we all use simulators for different reasons. I’ve been using a flight simulator now for over 20 years, and yet, I still have LOADS to learn. Sometimes I take it super seriously and other times, I just fly and goof around. Many of the team will tell you that when we do group flights, I’m usually last or have something go wrong. That’s exactly what a lot of people will be like in the coming weeks. So whilst some people using it on the console will be super open to learning and trying to do things “by the book”, others will simply load up, take off and do crazy stunts over their house in a 747. I’m excited to see what people end up doing when the Sim launches tomorrow on Xbox.

In addition to some new content coming soon to the site, there are some other elements I want to address.

In the meantime, welcome to everyone who will be using the simulator on the Xbox Series X|S. This is super exciting and we can’t wait to see the next generation of simmers get involved. Likewise, if you think there’s anything else we can do to support and build confidence, let us know.

Our Comment Section

We know we have some vocal commentators in our comment section. We also know that the vast majority of our audience would define themselves as a hardcore simmer. Regardless of your position, our comment section is a place for people to have conversations and get the help that they may need. So if you have been in the simulation space for a while, be an ambassador for those coming into the community for the first time. Help and guide them.

In addition, our moderation team will also be growing soon and we’ll be imposing strict moderation to anyone who breaches our commenting terms.

Remember, we all started somewhere and it’s important that any newcomers get the help they need.

New Category

We’ll be introducing some new categories on the site very soon to help you distinguish whether the content is for the PC version of the simulator or if it’s exclusive to the Xbox version of the simulator. At the moment, there are still some questions around how third-party developers will handle the two platforms, but we can foresee some occasions where some news/previews will be Xbox only.

What Will FSElite Focus On?

To answer the inevitable question as to whether our focus will just be on Microsoft Flight Simulator moving forward: no. As I said earlier, we celebrate and the team uses a wide variety of simulators. Our focus will continue to be on the platforms that our community uses. I’ve seen many comments that there is a lot of focus on MSFS. Whilst this is accurate, this is down to the fact that third-party developers and publishers are pushing out Microsoft Flight Simulator content than they are for other platforms. As such, that’s what we can report on.

Anything else?

We actually celebrated five years of FSElite back in June. We let it quietly slip by as the world wasn’t really in a place to celebrate. That said, we do have plenty of new information to tell you about our future plans. Stay tuned!

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