Website Feature: Responsive for All Modern Devices

18 Nov 2021 19:16z

A modern and fresh design would not be complete without ensuring that the website functioned across an array of devices. This includes laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Whilst we have tested across a number of devices using various browsers, there’s always going to be some that don’t quite look right or function correctly. That said, we are confident that for the most part, you will have a great experience on mobile and tablet.

What About a Mobile App?

Whilst we don’t have a dedicated mobile app (yet?), you can add FSElite to your mobile device’s home page.

On Android

Open up FSElite in your browser (e.g. Chrome) and click on the 3 dots in the top-right. From there, select “Add to Home Page” and then click confirm. You will then see FSElite on your phone’s home screen. Clicking it will give you instant access to FSElite and the latest flight simulation news.

On iOS

Head to FSElite on your browser (e.g. Safari) and then click on the ‘Share’ icon in the top-right. From there, click on “Add to Home Screen”. Continue following the prompts and then soon enough, you will find an icon for FSElite on your iOS device.

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