Website Feature: Introducing FSElite Conversations

Whenever we have published an article, we love to read the comments and learn more about how you’re feeling about a particular subject or news post. We also acknowledge that sometimes, the comment section can descend into a state of disarray

With the launch of our new website, we have spent a lot of time understanding what people like or dislike about comment sections. We have worked to create a system and platform that enables people to easily communicate, whilst also providing a richer experience to keep the conversation healthy.

In order for us to provide a more engaging community, we have developed a new Conversation section below every article. Whilst the premise may be the same, the idea of moving away from comments to conversations is to help keep on-topic and provide a healthy place for people to interact.

Conversations Over Comments

By allowing the conversation to flow, it will enable people from all backgrounds to share their voices in a healthy way. If you are starting a talking point, people will be able to join in the conversation and you will be able to see who’s engaging in real-time. The conversation will update in real-time meaning you can stay on topic longer without having to refresh the page hoping someone has replied.

Keeping a Quality Conversation

In order to promote healthy conversations, the quality of the discussion needs to be a positive one. This means using our guidelines to help ensure that your engagement is consistent with our mission and the community’s expectations. Here are our expectations from each person who wants to engage in the conversation:

Be Civil: Whatever you may have to say can be said in a manner that is civil.

Be Helpful: If you have something critical to say, then do so in a way that is constructive and helpful. 

Stay On-Topic: Keep the conversation flowing by staying on-topic. You wouldn’t interject midway through a real-life conversation about something different so don’t do that here.

Remember the Human: There’s a human on the other side of the comment. Consider that before you post something and consider how your text is received. 

Ask for Help: If you need support from someone, then ask. Use our tools to help ensure you have the best experience. This includes reporting or flagging issues from troublesome conversations.

New Tools

Our new conversation tool enables all those with an FSElite Account to interact with members of the community. You can now upload images/gifs, embed videos or Tweets and use emojis to convey thoughts and feelings.

If you happen to leave the website, the new tools will also notify you when someone joins in with your conversation.

To also help identify developers, new developer badges will be added to approved developers.

Website Feature: Introducing FSElite Conversations
Developers will be given a badge to highlight their position in the community. This will help you know what an official account is.

We’re adding new tools in the future with our partners to add other functionality such as email notifications (optional), DMs (optional) and see all comments by specific people.

Rewarding Engaging Conversation

We firmly believe that rewarding our community is a great way to say thanks to those that bring quality content and engagement to our platform. This is why we’ll be rewarding people who frequently and consistently provide quality conversations. Those who we find who are helpful, provide detailed insight, or are generally providing quality topics will be rewarded. This could be through additional badges next to your name, free products or other rewards.

More details will be provided later on, but we want to make sure those that positively contribute are given something in return.

Moderation Still Exists

It is only responsible that we still actively moderate conversations. To ensure that conversations remain healthy, we have a set of guidelines that our moderation team use. Each moderator will determine the quality of conversation and take action where they feel it may fall below the standards we and our community expects. Our guidelines above general cover everything, but a more detailed version is on our Community Guidelines page.

In addition to having a team of moderators on the website, we have employed a number of tools to help keep the quality of conversation healthy:

  • Use of automatic tools to remove hateful content, or posts designed to troll.
  • Users are assigned points when adding to the conversations automatically. Those with a low score will automatically have their post marked as spam until approved.
  • Flagging system has been improved to monitor trends and block posts if they fall below our standards.
  • The use of the upvote/downvote system now has consequences. Too many downvotes or abuse of the system will see your ability to converse limited.

All Good Conversations Come to an End

Just as in real life, conversations naturally come to an end and so they will on our website. After 21 days, the conversation will stop, unless our moderation team feel it is beneficial to keep it open.


Whilst we don’t want to warn or ban people, we have the tools to do that. Our tools now enable us to ban individuals from joining the conversation or limiting their ability with their FSElite account. Warnings and bans are a last resort as we hope that providing a positive space to have conversations will mean fewer people will feel the need or desire to disrupt our community.


You can reach out to us via our contact form.

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We value great, engaging and constructive conversations. Read our community guidelines. Updated May 17th 2022.

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