Website Feature: Interactive Polls

Take part in polls across FSElite to help enhance your experience.

18 Nov 2021 11:10z

Polls are nothing new to the world of the internet, but for us, they’re brand new. Whilst this may seem like a mundane feature for many, it actually has us pretty excited.

The use of polls for us helps us to better understand what you want from us at FSElite. We’re always looking to get more feedback from the community for how we can improve and our new interactive polls will help us to do just that. We’ll regularly ask questions about what products you want us to review next or what new website feature you want us to focus on next.

Helping the Development Community

We’ll also be using our poll technology to help the development community. We may ask questions about what products you want to see next or features you want to see from specific applications.

Across the Website

One element that makes our polls a bit more unique is the ability for us to embed it anywhere on the website. Say for example we run a poll on what new feature you want to see in a piece of flight tracking software, we can embed that in any content that relates to that specific product. This means you will only see polls relevant to the content you’re looking at. Those that are new will likely appear on the home page, also, but for the most part, you will only see content that’s relevant at the time.

Website Feature: Interactive Polls

Your Trust is Vital

All of this information is completely anonymous and developers (and us) will not be able to tell who has voted for what. Your privacy and trust is vital to us. Whilst this data will help us improve our services to you, be assured that any response you give is 100% private to you and you only. We’ll be able to see generic results (e.g. answer 1 polled at 54%), but we can in no way tell who voted for what option.


We hope you take advantage of these new polls as it will genuinely help us better understand the community and allow us to create an even better platform for you. As always, please contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

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