Website Feature: Improved Search Functionality

18 Nov 2021 12:15z

An important part of any content-heavy website is the ability to search through our thousands of pieces of content. To help with that, we have invested time and money into a brand new search provider.

Search From Anywhere to Anywhere

The new search icon is now dominant in the header navigation bar and will allow you to see the search function slide in at any time. From there, start typing in the search box and it will automatically start speedily looking across our database. The new search function will then break it into sections:

  • Content
  • Videos
  • Products

The new search function is also pretty smart, meaning it will start to learn the content you’re interested in (using cookies) and show results more related to you. This will help you find relevant content quicker and easier.

More Functionality on our Search Results Page

We have also worked to create more engaging results on the search results page. Here’s some examples of how you may see results on our search page.

1 – You search for an aircraft you’re interested in.

Say you search for the 747 as you’re interested in learning to see what is in the news about that particular aircraft. On the page, you will see the latest content related to the 747 that includes some reviews, news and more. We also now list related products to your search. In this case, some products with 747 in the title.

Website Feature: Improved Search Functionality

2 – You search a specific developer

If you want to do a bit more research on a specific developer, our new search tools will give you a bit more information than before. Let’s say you search Orbx as you’re keen to see their latest news. Not only will the results show you the latest news from Orbx, but also their latest product releases and also a bit more information about the company itself.

Website Feature: Improved Search Functionality

More to Come

This is just the start of our journey to create a great search tool on FSElite. We’re keen to hear you’re feedback and look forward to seeing what you have to say.

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