Watch the Leonardo Softhouse Fly The Maddog Landing in MSFS

11 Oct 2021 14:00z

Developer Leonardo Softhouse has posted another video on YouTube of them landing the Fly the Maddog in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The 6-minute video shows the plane on approach and then completing the landing.

The video, in full 4K no less, shows various animations, the autopilot working and also the detailed displays. Although the last few moments before landing saw the aircraft swaying, the plane was eventually planted onto the runway before slowing down.

The MD-80 is a bit of a challenge to handle but is also lots of fun to manage. Having it in Microsoft Flight Simulator, in the amount of detail Leonardo Softhouse is known for, will be certainly an exciting moment. We’ll keep you updated with any further progress.

In the meantime, why not watch the engine start or take off.

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