Watch the Latest Fenix Simulations A320 Feature Video Focusing on the Indicating/Recording System

11 Sep 2021 13:00z

The latest feature review for the upcoming Fenix Simulations A320 has been released. Development on the aircraft product continues to move along and the team are keen for the community to learn even more about what to expect in the A320 on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Before the video begins, Aamir did want to give a brief update on some behind-the-scene stuff to answer some common questions seen on the team’s Discord the past few weeks. First up, the reason behind the lack of update last week was due to the fact Fenix were tackling a single bug that required the full team to help track it down. The all-hands-on-deck approach was needed to crush the bug, but the good news is that things have been fixed.

For those wanting to know when the aircraft will enter beta, Aamir said this is still “up in the air” at the moment with no definitive date for when this will happen. That said, Fenix has expanded their initial alpha team a little further to include a wider range of systems to start identifying areas where performance can be best utilised. The team have a wide range of PC specs to be working with so that upon release, the plane should perform well regardless of whether you have a high-end or low-end machine.

As for this week’s feature review, the team has decided to look at the Indicating/Recording system of the A320. In the 30-minute long video, Aamir shows us how the aircraft collects data and then presents it to the pilot. Again, this is an extensive overview of just a singular element of the plane. Aamir also confirmed that a future feature review will focus on the ECAM, so there’s that to also look forward to.

The Fenix A320 continues to shape up into one of the most anticipated aircraft for the new simulator. There have already been numerous feature reviews you can check out, including the pneumatic systems, CDPLC functionality and also the MCDU and FMGS. You can also read our first-look article and also the Fenix A320 announcement post to learn more.

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