Watch the Cross-Community Discussion Panel Featuring Key Developers

24 Jul 2021 19:45z

Watch live right now a cross-community discussion panel about the future of home flight simulation. During this special live event, video panellists from Aerosoft,, Hype Performance Group, Orbx, Parallel 42, and TFDi Design will discuss the state of home flight simulation and answer questions submitted by content creators and live streamers. The event will be moderated by myself, hosted by Flight Simulation Association, and broadcast across multiple channels.

The panel will answer questions like:

  • Submitted by FSMagazin: “Do you plan to move development exclusively to MSFS?”

  • Submitted by Captain Bob: “How do you think having a flight simulator on console will change our flight simulation community?”

  • Submitted by FlightSimPro: “What is your organization’s focus over the next 6 months – what new products can we expect?”

Everyone is welcome to participate. We encourage pilots and flight simmers to watch the stream live on July 24 at 2000 GMT via the video above.

There will also be an opportunity for anyone watching to win great prizes. Everyone participating live will have the chance to win prizes donated by Aerosoft, Just Flight, Milviz, Orbx, Honeycomb Aeronautical, Hype Performance Group, NZA Simulations, and TFDi Design. There will be multiple prize draws conducted live during the stream, including the grand prize: a Honeycomb ALPHA Yoke!

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