Volanta 1.2 Released: Added Activities, Schedules, and More

Volanta v1.2 adds a range of new features that will enhance your flying experience.

20 Dec 2021 20:44z

Volanta has reached another milestone by updating to version 1.2 of the flight tracking app. The free flight tracking tool from Orbx has seen a number of big improvements since its initial release earlier this year, but now version 1.2 adds even more features that were requested by the community. One of the biggest requests was the ability to search through flight schedules, which has now been added.

The new real-world flight schedules allow you to search accurate data to find the latest routes and airlines operating to and from any airport in the world. You can filter by airline, aircraft type, route and length of the flight. You can build your own roster and fly it any time.

In addition to schedules, a number of other features have been added to the Activities section of the Volanta app. You can now see the latest events being held on both IVAO and VATSIM, along with letting organisers know if you’re going to take part. Perhaps the biggest new change to the Activities menu is the ability to take part in Aerocaches. These secret tokens are spread around the world and you will be able to go in search of them. Aerocaches are available for the three major platforms (P3D, XPL and MSFS). There are plenty scattered around the world so be sure to go on the look out for them the next time you fly.

Finally, the other big feature with version 1.2 is the fact that Volanta can now scan your simulator’s add-on library and show you what scenery products you have installed. This will come in handy when looking at real-world schedules.

Aerocaches, scenery scanning, and the activities update are all free updates for all users.

It is worth noting that the real-world schedules are part of Volanta Premium. So in order to take advantage of the global airline schedules, you will need to sign up to the service. That said, there are plenty of other benefits to signing up to Volanta Premium such as cloud saves, 4K unlimited screenshots, time sync and much more. You can subscribe to Volanta Premium for $6.35 AUD per month or for $63.50 AUD per year.

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