Virtual Design 3D Releases Asturias Airport for XPL

Virtual Design 3D has released their Asturias Airport (OVD/LEAS) scenery for X-Plane 11.

Asturias Airport is a regional Spanish commercial airport located right in the heart of Spain’s Northern coast built upon breathtaking cliffs against the sea. The single-runway airport had just 2-4 passenger gates and only commuter flights for decades, but after a major 2003 expansion, leisure carriers were attracted to the airport and today it hosts 6 Spanish airlines, ranging from ULCCs like Volotea, commuter carriers like Binter Canarias to mainline Iberia. Most flights to the airport are operated with Airbus A320 series jets and most destinations are popular Spanish leisure holiday retreats in the Medditerannian.

This faithful rendition of the Asturias Airport by Virtual Design 3D includes both the airport and surrounding areas, with many details such as the airport’s very noticeably sloped runway and passenger terminal interiors included.

Virtual Design 3D produces airports for both X-Plane 11 and Microsoft Flight Simulator, with freeware and commercial scenery mainly focused on the countries of Spain and Chile. Their rendition of the Asturias Airport replicates all airport buildings, including the street-side areas of the terminal with dozens of bus stops and ground transportation stops modeled along with local vehicle traffic. The entire main floor of the passenger terminal has been detailed to include all stores and departure lounges along with many other details. Custom jetways and ground textures have been added for all airport markings with all textures featuring HDR and night lighting while the main textures include Ambient occlusion. Many static objects including vehicles, people, custom local vegetation, and aircraft (most of which oddly enough never flew there) are included. This scenery also features many animations, including local police helicopter traffic, people (including those boarding static aircraft), and various vehicles. Taxiways and the rest of the airport layout were totally re-done and custom-made. Virtual Design 3D also states that the product is fully compatible with the Spain UHD and World Traffic 3 products.

Virtual Design 3D’s Asturias Airport may be purchased from the X-Plane Online Store for direct download for $17.90

Full Feature List

  • Extremely detailed and realistic recreation of the real Airport.
  • Interior modeling of main floor terminal (Very detailed)
  • Ambient occlusion in main textures.
  • (PBR) Specular maps for objects and ground poly.
  • Custom animated jetways .Customized textures.
  • Custom runways and Taxiways (Reflex normal map).
  • Custom taxilines, borderlines, and ground markings.
  • HDR lighting with custom night textures.
  • Customized forest and vegetation 3D(Grass, Palms, plants).
  • Custom surrounding areas.
  • Spain UHD compatible.
  • Animated walking people, passengers boarding aircraft and Spanish Police Helicopters.
  • Customized models for traffic vehicles to terminal.
  • Static objects, vehicles, and aircraft.
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