Venom Zero Releases F-5 Tiger II for MSFS

Are you ready for a dance with a Tiger?

Posted: 18-Nov-2023 @ 09:37z
Venom Zero Releases F-5 Tiger II for MSFS

Newcomer Venom Zero Productions has launched its inaugural fighter aircraft for MSFS, the Northrop Grumman-produced F-5 Tiger II, adding to an already diverse array of military aircraft available for the platform.

The Northrop F-5 Tiger II is a highly adaptable, supersonic light fighter, and reconnaissance aircraft developed by Northrop Corporation in the United States. Originating from the Northrop N-156 project in the late 1950s, its goal was to create a cost-effective, lightweight, and agile fighter jet. Drawing on their experience with the earlier F-5A Freedom Fighter, Northrop engineered an improved version with enhanced capabilities.

Taking its maiden flight in July 1972, the F-5 Tiger II represented an upgraded variant of the original F-5A. It boasted more powerful engines, improved avionics, better maneuverability, and increased fuel capacity, enabling it to exceed Mach 1 speeds. Widely exported, this aircraft served in the air forces of numerous countries worldwide, including the United States (primarily for aggressor training), Switzerland, South Korea, Iran, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey, among others. Its affordability and versatility made it a favored choice for nations seeking capable yet budget-friendly fighter aircraft.

Venom Zero Productions has released their rendition of this highly versatile, powerful, yet budget-friendly fighter aircraft for MSFS users to experience firsthand. While the product page highlights that the aircraft is not designed for study-level purposes, the developer prides itself on delivering quality aircraft at a budget-friendly price, indicating that the F-5 Tiger II is a product meant to be enjoyed by flight simmers of all levels. The aircraft features a highly-detailed exterior model, a custom-built cockpit with limited switch interactions, customizable external payloads, and a simulated radar scan, among other features. For a comprehensive list of features, refer to the bottom of the article.

If your interest has been piqued and you wish to test your skills in piloting the Tiger, head over to the developer’s simMarket store page, where you can purchase the F-5 Tiger II for $14.11 excluding VAT.

Feature List

  • Outstanding external model with true-to-life liveries highlighting real world operators
  • 9 Liveries included
  • Custom built cockpit (with limited switch interaction)
  • External Fuel Tanks and Weapons including AiM-9, MK-82, GBU-12 (managed through aircraft Payload and Fuel)
  • Martin Baker Ejection Seat
  • Basic Autopilot
  • External Lighting to match real aircraft
  • Interior cockpit backlit gauges
  • Ability to switch between Gun Reticle or Asobo HUD
  • Fully Animated Exterior Control Surfaces
  • Animated Gauges, Throttles, Stick, Rudder Pedals
  • Simulated Radar Scan (scan only; does not pick up targets)
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