[Updated] TDM Scenery Design Releases Freeware Barinas for MSFS, Now Removed

Update 20th Oct 2020 @ 12:30 zulu. As per the comments below, the situation between…

Posted: 15-Sep-2020 @ 09:40z
[Updated] TDM Scenery Design Releases Freeware Barinas for MSFS, Now Removed

Update 20th Oct 2020 @ 12:30 zulu.

As per the comments below, the situation between LatinWings and TDM are now resolved. LatinWings has given permission to TDM to use the assets for their projects moving forward.

Hello. Today we want to close this page, after corroborating all incidents and agreement between TDM and Latinwings.

1.- TDM is free to reuse previous material that has been made by its author if he wants

2.- SVBI X 2015 or any other airport published it’s under rights of Latinwings Simulations (under a copyright certificate as final product) but they (TDM) can use again (material that has been made by its author) because there is not a exclusive signed agreement between the parts

Update 15th September 2020 @ 09:30 zulu.

Since the publication of this post on 13 Sep 2020 @ 17:55, developer Latinwings emailed FSElite to claim that the files provided with the TDM Scenery Design freeware release of Barinas for Microsoft Flight Simulator, were the property of that development company. Upon request, Latinwings provided comprehensive proof that the texture sheets used were almost like-for-like. From details on objects such as buses and signposts that were identical in information (although slightly upped in resolution). The texture sheets originated from Latinwing’s 2015 release of the airport for FSX, which you can still download today.

Upon reviewing this information, FSElite emailed TDM Scenery Design to understand how this happened, and what comment they would like to make. Shortly afterwards, Trino Rojas, owner of TDM Scenery Design, confirmed in the past he was “a partner of [Latinwings]” and that “I own all those textures and all those models”.

This was made commented on further in a Facebook post (which has subsequently been edited but we can see the edit history) where Trino says that the “MSFS version is modelled, built and painted 100% again” and that the work done was nothing to do with Latinwings. Trino did also admit that both airports “share some materials and objects that were used in the previous version and in many more works that [he has] done.” This post was made by Trino when he became aware of the original Mega download link no longer working as someone had reported the files.

We asked both companies to clarify which company owns the files. At the time of publication TDM Scenery Design told FSElite that a contract doesn’t exist between companies as it “were verbal agreements”. We have yet to hear back from Latinwings on the matter of who actually owns the files.

Subsequently, since this dispute was raised TDM Scenery Design has reuploaded the files to Google Drive. You can find more information on their Facebook post.

Update 15 September 2020 @ 20:30z:

Latinwings has provided us proof that they are the rightful copyright owners of the files for the airport, including the texture sheets. They are not owned by an individual but rather the company.

Edited by Calum


14th Sept 2020 @ 16:30z

Content temporarily removed due to copyright claim dispute. More details to follow.


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