[Updated] DC Designs’ Concorde Troubled by Latest Sim Update

Sim Update IX prevents Concorde from working correctly.

[Updated] DC Designs’ Concorde Troubled by Latest Sim Update

Update 28-Apr-22 @ 10:15z: A new Facebook post from DC Designs has confirmed that the fix has been found and has been sent to Just Flight and the in-sim Marketplace team to roll out to users asap.

In addition, the development team confirmed they spoke to Jorg Neumann at Microsoft to address the issues. They said, “we were able to find a way to improve the communication between Asobo Studios and third-party developers prior to Sim Update releases, so that all developers know more about what has actually been changed within the sim *before* the final update rolls out. The plan is that with a detailed Changelog in advance of Sim Update releases ( but while still in beta ), devs can rapidly locate and diagnose issues and prepare their updates with more accuracy, instead of wondering what’s a new sim-bug and what’s a genuine fix or change each time the updates roll out. This idea is a WIP, as it would require Asobo to lock down their code earlier to give developers more time to make changes, but Jorg liked the idea and hopefully it will become a thing in the future.


Original Article: 27-Apr-22 @ 13:57z:

In a strongly-worded post on Facebook, DC Designs has confirmed that the latest Sim Update (v1.25.7.0) has caused some issues with their Concorde product. Released at the end of last month, the product quickly grew in popularity thanks to the unique nature of the supersonic jet. However, users will now have to wait for an update to the plane before being able to use it with the latest sim update.

DC Designs said, “dear Asobo Studios: Thank you for breaking our airplanes, for the third time, with Sim Updates. We will now once again cease production while we try to understand what you have broken, how to fix it, then get everything updated for our customers ( again ).”

The issue appears to be a new Asobo fuel system added with the latest sim update. The fuel system was developed to be realistic within the simulator and used the in-sim tools and SDK to create the crucial part of the plane. However, this new fuel system added with the latest sim update changes what DC Designs had created and has effectively broken the aircraft.

This frustration for DC Designs is totally warranted. During the open beta phase for Sim Update 9, this issue was reported to Asobo through the correct channels but has been alledged by DC Designs to have been ignored. As a result, DC Designs has resorted to finding a way to patch the issue for Concorde owners.

According to DC Designs, Asobo did not communicate the new fuel system or add any additional documentation to the SDK manual. At this stage, it’s also unknown if the new change is a sim-bug or intentional on Asobo’s part.

At the time of writing, DC Designs has found a solution to the problem. They said, “After much work by CodenameJack and also some great assistance by Concorde fans and users, there appears to be a potential fix ready for Concorde. The alterations by Asobo in the depths of the new fuel_system affect fuel pressure lines, hence the reheats cutting out and the failure of fuel transfer ( fuel line pressure too low in both cases ).

As a result of DC Designs having to fix this problem, the development of other products has stopped. This will likely have a knock-on effect with releases in the future.

The emergency update from DC Designs will be released in a few days’ time providing it all goes well. The question is, will a future update to Microsoft Flight Simulator cause another issue for Concorde or have an impact on other aircraft on the market.

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