[Update] PMDG Details New Price/Release Strategy for 737 for MSFS; 737-700 Series Releasing First

A bold new strategy from PMDG to make accessing the 737 for MSFS more accessible.

Posted: 17-Jan-2022 @ 11:09z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z
[Update] PMDG Details New Price/Release Strategy for 737 for MSFS; 737-700 Series Releasing First

[Update 18th January 2022 @ 09:20z] A brief update was shared by Robert on the forums by saying “we may have some good news for you later this week. This is going to be a busy week for news!” This was also followed up with a new image of the 737 in action, which was taken by fellow developer, Jason.

[Update] PMDG Details New Price/Release Strategy for 737 for MSFS; 737-700 Series Releasing First

== Original Article on 17th January @11:10z ==

A new forum post on the PMDG forums has given us new information regarding the pricing and release strategy for the 737 for MSFS.

When we heard from PMDG earlier this month about the 737 for MSFS, there was still a blocker with the simulator that meant things were slowing down the development of the product. Whilst that doesn’t appear to have changed with this new post, some news regarding the pricing and release strategy for the highly anticipated aircraft was shared.

In the post, Robert spends time looking at the externals of the 737 BBJ and the 737 BCF. It was also reconfirmed that the ground service equipment (such as air stairs) can be removed easily with a simple toggle of the item in the options menu. Furthermore, whilst we did not see it in the forum post, Robert said that the interior modelling for all the planes have been upgraded since we saw them in P3D. Robert said, “it won’t be to the same degree of detail as the cockpits, obviously- but it is the start of us moving in the direction of high detail cabin interiors. It [may[ take us some time to get all the way there.”

[Update] PMDG Details New Price/Release Strategy for 737 for MSFS; 737-700 Series Releasing First

Pricing and Release Strategy for the 737

Perhaps the biggest news from the forum post was the new pricing and release strategy that PMDG will be implementing for the release of the 737. Before, PMDG would release a ‘Base’ model of their series of aircraft and then subsequently would release expansion packs which included various other models of the base plane. Starting with the 737, PMDG will instead opt to release products based on their body types.

The initial release of the 737 for MSFS will focus on the 737-700. This means that this particular product line will come with a couple of iterations of the 737-700 that will include the 737-700BCF and the BBJ variant. This will also include the numerous winglet options available. After that, the 737-800 body type will release with the various formats (-800BCF and the BBJ2). According to the post, the 737-800 (and future 737 releases) will be spaced 6 weeks apart. Robert did add that the exact ordering after the 737-700 isn’t yet nailed down, but they are leaning towards the -800 as “we know that’s the one you guys really want!”

When explaining the rationale for this, Robert said that this method “allows [PMDG] to shift our product pricing point to make it far more approachable for far more users.” He continued by saying that users will simply be allowed to purchase the plane that suits their flying needs or desires. There are some ‘oddballs’ that don’t quite fit into this body type release pattern (namely fire fighting or military aircraft).

In the forum post, Robert was also asked whether bundles will be available in the future, Robert said, “currently we are not planning to bundle the products when new- but it is possible that as they reach later life stages we might consider it.

With regards to the actual price of these aircraft, PMDG said they haven’t finalised these details yet. That said, Robert made a point to let users know that the credit from the NGXu on Prepar3D is still going to be available. You will still get the “full dollar value of the promotional, nothing has changed there.”

For more on the PMDG 737 for MSFS, check out our previous preview posts. Development appears to be continuing despite the blockers and setbacks. We’re also excited to see how the 737 is on the Xbox when it comes to Marketplace in the future. You can also find out about more features coming to the plane in the December update from PMDG.

Of course, we’ll be sure to continue covering any new information about the release of the 737 for MSFS as and when it becomes available.

Thanks to Enzo_ for the tip.

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