[Update: New Release Date] Junkers JU-52 for MSFS Delayed by a Few Weeks

09 Sep 2021 08:45z

Update 10-Sept-2021 @ 12:35z: From the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, it has been confirmed that the Junkers JU-52 will now release on September 28th 2021.

With World Update VI now in the hands of simmers, the next exciting release for Microsoft Flight Simulator was to be the Junkers JU-52. Initially announced at Gamescom last month, the product was originally due to release not long after the anticipated World Update. However, it has been confirmed that the local legend aircraft has been delayed.

Taking to the official forums, Jummivana confirmed that the Junkers JU-52 will be delayed by a few weeks in order to polish a few remaining bugs. During the final bout of testing, the team has discovered a number of bugs that they want to iron out before releasing to the public. Whilst the team were keen to see people take flight over Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the historic aircraft, we will have to wait just a little longer to get the plane in the air.

The Junker JU-52 was flown by 12 airlines and was to carry both passengers and freight. As time went on, the aircraft saw a large role in the military, deploying troops and cargo during the Second World War. It was also briefly used as a medium bomber. However, it is today maintained for aviation displays and aerial sightseeing. Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, said the team has worked with pilots and organisations that work to keep the aircraft type maintained at various heritage sites and museums in order to create the plane for the simulator.

As Jorg said in our exclusive interview, “this is the beginning of a series of classic planes. The mental model I have in mind for these local legends is that these aircraft are pre-1950s. When we go into a region [for World Updates], we’ll see what’s famous here and what means something to people.”

When we get a new date, we’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, check out the trailer for the Junkers JU-52 coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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