[UPDATE] FSElite Exclusive: xEnviro 1.08 Due Soon, Overhauled

Update @ 1550z on 9th March 2018 Firstly, I’d like to thank people for the support and nice comments we’ve had since this story was published. Secondly, I want to assure our readers and community…

Posted: 09-Mar-2018 @ 01:44z
[UPDATE] FSElite Exclusive: xEnviro 1.08 Due Soon, Overhauled

Update @ 1550z on 9th March 2018

Firstly, I’d like to thank people for the support and nice comments we’ve had since this story was published. Secondly, I want to assure our readers and community that we have never posted a ‘fake story’ for the sake of it. Sure we’ve leaked some stuff in the past that was questionable (P3Dv4 being 64-bit), but we’ve always published based on extensive research, insider knowledge and trust from the development community.

It’s a shame than that when we contacted the developer about the release of this product, and they gave us some dates, we were then called out by the same developer for spreading rumours and lies. We asked explicitly if we could publish the information and it was clearly agreed to.

As a community, we understand release dates may change or things get pushed by a few days. We even said to the developer in question that we would happily wait until they were sure, yet they agreed to continue to let us publish. We since contacted the developer to try and understand why we were being the bad guys in all of this. However, messages left on their Facebook page asking for an explanation and private messages to the developer asking for an explanation were ignored. We have non-identifiable screenshots of the conversations to back up our claims since the developer has instead decided to go down the route of making us seem like the enemy. We did say we would publish this information (again, not to identify the person, but just the conversation text), but the developer insisted that should we do so, they would take “legal action” against us. And frankly, we’d like to stay out of that kind of drama. Since then, we’ve been completely blocked of communication and can’t continue any further conversation to try and resolve this.

I am deeply sorry to anyone who may feel like we’ve misled them. Since we started our goal has to always provide honest, transparent and accurate information. We all understand things change in this world, but it does sadden me that people would feel the need to try and damage a reputation we’ve worked hard to build.

I have taken any mention of a date out of the article below. We’re still really excited for the product and hope that the community still supports the developer if the product provides a great experience for the user.

Any questions, please leave down in the comments.


We are aware of the developer now telling social communities that this article isn’t true. This is really unfortunate as the below information came from the developer himself. We have screenshots of this conversation to prove it.

We are going to ask the developer for an official statement on what happened and they have decided to now say we are spreading false information.

We’ll continue to keep you update.

We apologise for any confusion.


Probably one of the worst-kept secrets in the X-Plane community at the moment is the existence of xEnviro 1.08 and the fact that it’s coming to us soon, but nothing more specific than that in the way of timing. There’s been speculation, but no official word from the developer behind the popular weather engine.

Andrey, the developer behind xEnviro, was kind enough to give FSElite access to early betas of the 1.08 update which we’ve had the pleasure of playing with for a couple of weeks now. After spending time with the existing 1.07 release and then swapping it out for the 1.08 release, the difference was immediately noticeable in both performance and overall looks.
This re-write is said to have been triggered by a departure from the company that Andrey was working with on previous releases. As with any team-oriented project, sometimes people don’t see eye-to-eye and compromises are made, but with the departure from this team and Andrey now working on his own he has the freedom to develop the product to meet his vision.
From what we’ve seen so far, if this is the vision he has for the product then we’re really excited to see what he brings to it with time.

Until release, we’ll leave you with the screenshots in the post which were taken directly from my X-Plane installation running 1.08, with no editing at all. Expect to see us cover the release a little more in-depth once it’s out in the world.

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