United With Ukraine

FSElite stands united with Ukraine. Here’s how you can support those in our community.

Posted: 01-Mar-2022 @ 11:42z
United With Ukraine

On February 24th 2022, the unthinkable for many in Ukraine had happened; Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The world watched in shock as this unjustified invasion happened with millions flocking to the borders to escape the conflict.

Whilst the conflict may seem like a world away to some, the reality is it affects us all in some way shape or form. None more so than those living in Ukraine or with family and friends there. This, of course, extends to the flight simulation community. As a community that is in every corner of the world, there are of course people who we know that is in the middle of this crisis. Developers, publishers, virtual controllers, simmers, friends and family – all of them involved and in need of support.

It may seem like the events of the world will have little impact on our niche community, but the reality is very different. We have already seen numerous developers suspend development on products due to the conflict. Developers such as FlightSimGames have confirmed they have interrupted development due to the conflict, whilst Pyreegue Dev Co has said to MSFSAddons they will resume development “as soon as peace comes.” Frankly, this is 100% understandable as their safety is of top priority over a virtual aircraft/airport. Thankfully, those developers who have been contacted by us and other outlets have confirmed their safety, but their priority remains still with the matter at hand.

Whilst we love flight simulation, it’s also the real world of aviation that helps to keep our bonds to the simulation platform strong. People directly in the conflict zones are being impacted, as are those who work in aviation. The tragedy of the Mriya AN225 having been confirmed to have received significant damage is heartbreaking. In addition, with airspace in Europe and beyond closing to airlines, it’s yet another disaster for the aviation industry just as it was beginning to recover from the COVID-19 restrictions. The impact may be different for different people around the world, but the impact is very real for so many.

FSElite stands united with Ukraine. The developers, publishers, simmers and all those who are impacted by this humanitarian crisis deserve all the support they can give.

We, of course, aren’t the only flight simulation team to be impacted by this and others in the community have also shared their solidarity. Orbx has confirmed that any purchase made through OrbxDirect for a product made by a developer in Ukraine will get 100% of the sale (until the end of March), whilst Threshold has said up their own donation portal which will send the proceeds to UNICEF. Furthermore, we saw that Flight Simulation Association chose to rearrange their live event in light of the events happening in Ukraine.

We should also take a moment to consider those developers in Russia that has been caught in the middle of all of this. Many people in Russia will undoubtedly consider this invasion to be completely wrong and in no way support the thoughts of their President. This has been echoed in the flight simulation community by developers from Russia. One such example is the former developer RDS – Russain Digital Simulations. In a statement on Facebook, the team formally announced they have changed their name to Cloud Studio from now on and are in no way in support of the direction from the authorities. As they are a global team, they no longer want to associate themselves only with the Russian name.

In addition to the development support, there has also been an outpouring amount of love from the community. We’re seeing FlightSim.to light up with liveries, mods and more all in support of Ukraine. We have seen Discord communities share the love, provide support and donate to worthy causes that will help those who have found themselves in this nightmare.

We aren’t trying to change the world or the outcome of anything, but we firmly believe in raising awareness of how people can help. We know there are people in situations they never would have imagined before and we know that people will be suffering. We can only hope that by spreading support and information, we can show our solidarity during this crisis.

How You Can Support

Whilst it may be hard to comprehend the aggression, chaos and destruction unfolding in Ukraine, there are valuable ways in which we can all support.

Stop the Misinformation Sharing

One of the easiest ways in which anyone can help is simply by not sharing misinformation of fake news. Fact-checking is more important than ever, so consider what you share or comment on to think whether the source is reputable and trustworthy.

Equally, if you want to support, stay updated with accurate information to help combat the misinformation out there.

Supporting Developers Directly

As mentioned above, Orbx has waived all fees associated with developers based in Ukraine when purchasing products there OrbxDirect.


Golden Key Studio


Northern Sky Studio

Orbx Developers:

Donating to Various Charities

Around the world, various charity organisations have been set up in order to help the people of Ukraine. No one charity can cover everything that the devastation has caused due to the vast consequences of this invasion. Charities need support in giving first aid to the wounded, supporting refugees, training medical staff, preparing buildings and facilities, and supporting the people on the ground helping children.

There are a number of legitimate charities that will use your donation to support a good cause and help those most in need.

To further support those in need, we have donated $500 USD in aid to numerous charities listed above.

Editor’s Note

The war in Ukraine is an ongoing, painful and emotive topic. FSElite urges people to be respectful when engaging in conversation around this subject and does not endorse harassment of any kind. We will remove any comments that breach our terms.

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