Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight – Info and Details

25 Sep 2021 20:14z

Turtle Beach has just taken to stage to talk about the VelocityOne Flight. In the presentation, Juergen Stark, CEO and Chairman and Andrew Young, VP of New Product Categories for Turtle Beach, will be talking about the unit.

Juergen Stark is a real-world pilot and trained on the Cirrus. This is what got him into flight simulation and bought a setup from FlyThisSim in 2014 to enhance his experience.

In the trailer shown off as the presentation started, we got some new details about the hardware itself. We now know that the product will have a range of programmable buttons and swappable status indicator panels, allowing simmers to really customise the experience. As you set up the unit, you will be able to view real-time data about button assignments and also axis information. We also know that the throttle quadrant has interchangeable controls, with you being able to choose from dedicated heavy jet controls, light aircraft controls and also vernier controls.

It is confirmed there will be hall effect sensing and optical encoders for precision. Other innovations include a fully integrated stand, lock and load quadrant model and an integrated screen for in-sim use.

“Been in the planning for a very long time,” Andrew Young says. He continues, “We need to get people using the product and up in the air straight out of the box. Sounds easy to say, but technically it’s quite a challenge. We’re intensely focused on this as a team. To help with that, we’ve brought in training modes and ensure that all aircraft types can be covered.”

Juergen continues, “An experience that appeals to both hardcore simmers (all the controls you need), but also gives new simmers a very good realistic experience. Some of my son’s friends are new pilots, training on Cesssnas. This was part of my charter to the team to have vernier and trim wheels. This is an all-in-one so that means we don’t force people to buy rudder pedals, so you can control the rudder on the back of the yoke”

“All for a reasonable price.”

The team spent a long time researching how to deliver the product that would be accepted by the community. Here’s a slide demonstrating the process:

Flight Management Display (FMD)

The Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight comes with an in-built screen called the Flight Management Display. This will be used to select different aircraft profiles, view the current control configurations, change the screen brightness and more. In fact, it also enables you to display a chronometer and other info to help you when you’re flying.

Status Indicator Panel (SIP)

At launch, the product will come with a Status Indicator Panel. This will integrate directly with Microsoft Flight Simulator with aircraft status functions and also real-time status alerts. You can also change this with magnetic panels and change the ambient colour. Turtle Beach plans on adding more features over time.

What’s In The Box?

Lots. Basically everything you need to set up.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight - Info and Details

Due to come out Holiday 2021 for $379.00.

The Future?

A small teaser (but I think we can all guess what it may be)…

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight - Info and Details

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