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TouchingCloud Releases DG-808S for MSFS

TouchingCloud has released DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S for MSFS.

TouchingCloud Releases DG-808S for MSFS

Noisy propeller rumbling, adieu! Developer TouchingCloud, with support from numerous engaged community members, has released its rendition of the German-based DG Flugzeugbau’s DG-808S series glider for MSFS.

The DG-808S forms part of the DG-800 glider family, a successor of the DG-400 and DG-600 glider family, which were initially produced by well-known German glider manufacturer Glaser Dirks, now known under the name DG Flugzeugbau GmbH. The DG-808S is, with its 18-meter wingspan, commonly considered a competition glider aircraft. In addition to its large wingspan, the glider also comes equipped with a 150 pounds retractable jet turbine that allows pilots to takeoff without winch equipment, and that comes in handy should updrafts prove to leave you hanging.

Aircraft developer TouchingCloud in a joint effort with numerous engaged community members has released their rendition of this performant glider for community members to download and enjoy. The aircraft comes included with authentic cockpit instrumentations, including a digital navigation display showcasing the home airport, any additional en-route waypoints, wind trajectory, and total tail energy. The aircraft also comes included with the Cambridge Vario instrumentation that allows for both automatic or manual transitions between cruise and soaring modes.

TouchingCloud’s DG-808S series glider can now be downloaded via the provided flightsim.to download link. Additional information on how to install the aircraft once downloaded as well as how to take advantage of some of its unique features, including the jet engine, can be found on the subsequently provided download page.


  • Custom-made recreation of DG Flugzeugbau GmbH DG-808S
  • Custom cockpit instrumentation
  • Digital navigation display & Cambridge Vario integration
  • Functioning replication of retractable jet engine (unclear whether retraction animation has been implemented)
  • Compatible with Kinetic Assistance application providing winch and towing functionality
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